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From: Joyce Collins <>
Subject: 1880 & 1900 Knox Census Look up Please! Gale Cox and Mary Unknown.
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 19:49:41 -0400

From the Knox Co. Marriage Book BB and C transcribed and sold by the Knox
Co. Gen. Society, here is:

COX, Gale, age 20, lst marriage; b. Missouri, father b. Knox Co., KY;
mother b. Knox Co., KY to:
COX, Mary Ann, age 20, lst marriage, b. Knox Co., KY; parents b. Knox Co.,
marriage by: B. F. MAIN At: Elihu COX's
Wit: Johy HAYS and C. E. HENSON

On the 1880 Knox Co., he appears as follows. next to him is an Elihu COX
who might or might not be his father.

Dwelling 372-377
COX, Gale, 22, farms, husband, b. KY; parents b. KY
. . Mary A., 22, wife, b. KY; father b. KY; mother b. VA
. . Clara E., 1, dau, b. KY
. . Noah, 26, farms, "brother-in-law", b. KY; father b. KY; mother b. VA

Dwelling 373-378
COX, Elihu, 59, disabled, farms, husband, b. KY; father b. NC; mother b. VA
. . Margaret, 58, wife, b. VA; parents b. VA
. . Obedience, 21, at home, dau, disabled, b. KY
. . John W. T. M., 15, farms, son, KY
. . Martha J., 13, at home, dau, KY

Dwelling 374-379
COX, Samantha J., 32, head of household, single, b. KY; father b. KY;
mother b. VA
. . William, 8, son, b. KY
. . Charity, 5, dau, b. KY;
. . Sarah, 2, dau, b. KY

The informaton on the 1880 Knox Co. Fed. census comes to you from the
transcriptions sold by the Knox Co. Gen. Society.

On the 1870, there is a BIG problem with Gale COX. Another one shows up
and what is more, there is some type of error on the census in that he
appears in two different places with slightly different information. And,
this one too was born in Missouri. What is this with Gale COXs and
Missouri?? (haha)

1870 Knox
Dwelling 9-1-1
Flat Lick
COX, Gale, 23, b. MO
. . Sarah, 11, KY
. . Eliza J., 7, KY
. . Mary, 4, KY
. . Nancy, 3, KY
. . Amox, 7 mos', KY
NOTE: I have no idea what the relationships are with these folks. some
could be brothers and sisters who perhaps have lost their parents. don't
really know.

then they arrive a few pages later on with the notation that perhaps they
are a part of this other COX family who appeared on the earlier page.

Dwelling 29----
COX, Gale, 13, b. NC
. . Sarah A., 11, KY
. . Louisa J., 7, KY
. . Mary,4, KY
. . Nancy, 3, KY
. . Amos, 7 mos, KY

Here is the other family that appears:
Dwelling 8-6-6
COX, Amos, 46, b. KY
. . Malina, 42, KY
. . Fresby, 21, KY
. . Rachel, 19, KY
. . Julia E., 15, KY

I have just looked back at the 1860 Knox Co. and it would appear that your
Elihew/Elihu was in Knox Co. earlier on and that his wife was from VA.
They appear as follows in 1860. Must have gone to Missouri and then
returned. This family seems always to be listed with the MAYs family
nearby. I do not know their relationships but no doubt there is one.

Dwelling 648
COX, Elihew, 40, KY
. . Margrett, 37, b. VA
. . Charity, 16, KY
. . Susan, 13, KY
. . Samantha, 12, KY (probably the same Samantha listed as head of
household in 1880)
. . Jarame, 10, male, KY
. . Noah, 6, KY
. . Martin, 5, KY (listed as blind)
. . Mary, 3, KY
. . Obedience, 2, KY (same Obedience from the 1880)

I do not own the 1900 Laurel Co. Here he is from the 1910 Laurel:
Dwelling 217-218 - - Census sold by the Laurel Co. Hist. Society
COX, Gale G., husband, 52, mar. 2nd time, mar. 4 yrs, 0 children, b. MO,
father b. NC; mother b. KY
. . Clara, wife, 51, mar. 2nd time, mar. 4 yrs, b. NC; parents b. NC
. . Noah, son, 21, single, b. KY - - RR foreman
. . Ada B., dau, 16, single, b. KY
. . John M., son, 14, KY
. . Martha, dau, 12, b. KY
. . Biddie J., dau, 7, b. KY
. . Martha C., daughter-in-law, 19, mar. 1 yr, b. KY; father b. KY; mother
b. NC

From the Laurel Co. Marriage Index, this is most probably his 2nd marriage
COX, G. G. to THOMPKINS, Clara, May 5, 1906

And, here is Clara GRAYBEAL's first marriage:
THOMPKINS, D. H. to GRAYBEAL, Clara on August 7, 1883

I am not related to you in anyway I know of. I hope this has been of
assistance to you. PLEASE always remember to help others along the way.

Joyce Taylor Collins
La Palma, CA

Message text written by INTERNET:
>I am trying to find the family of Gale G. Cox. He was born in Missouri and
later moved to Knox then Laurel County. I have been told that he married
Mary Ann Unknown on Feb 14, 1878 in Knox County. They had several
children: Laura, Martha, Jesse, George and William but I do not know if
they were born in Knox or Laurel. By 1909 he had remarried (Clarissa
"Clara" Graybeal Tompkins) and was living in Lily, Laurel County, Kentucky.
Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you

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