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From: Sheryl Alvernaz <>
Subject: Re: [LOVETT] Need Volunteers to provide Migration information for DNA Project
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 13:48:09 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Again;
I note that some of you say he died: Thomas County FL and some of you say Thomas County GA... can you tell me for sure which it is? Sorry to be a pest... I have a James Lovett in Florida that doesn't know which line he comes from that is interested in testing and I don't want to send him on a wild goose chase...

Jack Lovett <> wrote: We assume that David Lovett's ancestry came from England or Scotland.
We don't know where he was born.

Notes for DAVID LOVETT, SR.: Residing in Thomas Co., GA with son,
James, in 1830.

David Lovett, Sr. deeded 200 acres of pine land in Indigo Swamp in
Effingham County, GA, to his sons, Aaron and Joshua Lovett, on 29
October 1827. Deed Book L, page 477, official records of Effingham
County, Georgia, reads: "for and in consideration of the good will and
affection that I bear towards my two sons, Aaron Lovett and Joshua
Lovett." This land had originally been granted to David Lovett, Sr., on
13 March 1792. Witnessed in the presence of Abraham Malle tt and
Ephraim Miller.

David Lovett received 150 acres in Effingham County by land grant on 5
February 1796; 200 acres granted 7 February 1798, bounded by James
Wilson's land; 100 acres granted November 1801, bounded by Russells
land and Keiffers land and Lovetts land.

Effingham County, Georgia, Deed Book M, page 47, records the sale of
this 100 acres to Jacob Gnann, which David Lovett had originally
received by grant on May 28, 1788.

Effingham County, Georgia, Deed Book K, page 353 records the sale of
five tracts of land by David Lovett to Abraham Mallett.

Effingham County Deed Book EF, page 149, records that David Lovett
purchased from Michael Exley and wife, Elizabeth, 200 acres of land
bounded by Michael Exley, David Lovett, and Russell, which had been
granted to Michael Exley on 18 November 1801. Transaction witnessed by
Matthew Rahn, Justice of the Peace, Jonathan Rahn, William Kennedy.

David Lovett purchased 200 acres in Effingham County, said land bounded
by Metzger, which had been granted to Jonath an Seckinger on 3 Dec

Effingham County Deed Book EF, page 151: David Lovett purchased 200
acres, which had originally been granted on 3 December 1801, to
Jonathan Seckinger, from said Jonathan Seckinger, blacksmith, and Mary,
his wife. Transaction witnessed by John Kogler, Timothy Staley, John

David Lovett purchased this 202 1/2 acres of land in Wilkinson County,
on July 18, 1808, from Godhelf Sheraus and his wife. This land had
originally been granted to Godhelf Sheraus on 23 April, 1808.

More About DAVID LOVETT, SR.: Occupation: planter Property : October
20, 1827, Effingham County, Georgia; Property: 200 acres on Indigo

I am a descendent of James Lovett (Aaron's brother) and Catherine
Zitterauer and I have letters from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and
other government agencies stating that James Lovett was a "friendly"
Creek Indian and therefore, his descendents were entitled to settlement
funds for their help in fighting with the US Gov't in various
territorial skirmishes. The confusing thing about this is, if he is an
Indian, then what about David? One possible conclusion is that he was
deemed "Creek Indian" because of his mother. No one seems to know. My
mother's sister, Carolyn Lovett Ahlstrom, actually received money (not
much) back in the 70's.

Hope this helps. I would love to solve this mystery!
Peggy Kittell

Children of DAVID LOVETT, SR. are:
DAVID2 LOVETT, JR., b. January 19, 1785, Effingham
County, Georgia; d.
Abt. 1862, Decatur County, Georgia.
JAMES LOVETT, b. March 02, 1787, Effingham County,
Georgia; d.
September 1844, Barwick, Thomas Co., GA.
MOSES LOVETT, b. February 12, 1791, Effingh am County,

His name appears in the 1818 Tax Digest o f Twiggs
County, Georgia.

Living: 1818, Twiggs County
AARON LOVETT, b. April 20, 1793, Effingha m County,
Georgia; d. 1862,
Decatur County, Georgia.
JOSHUA LOVETT, b. May 06, 1795, Effingham C ounty,
Georgia; d. 1865,
Brooks County, Georgia.

1. by Caroline Wilson, Book: Annals of Georgia. 2. by Mary Carter,
Book: Effingham County & Liberty County, Georgia , Early Records. 3.
Effingham County, Georgia, marriage records.. 4. Aurora C. Shaw, The
Lovett Family of Effingham, Lowndes, Brooks, Thomas, and Decatur
Counties, Georgia., Lovett File Folder, Huxford Genealogical Society
Library, Homerville,GA.. 5. Genealogical research by Louise Lovett
Jenkins and Jack Robert Lovett.

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