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Subject: [LOWRY-L] Lowry Family of Bedford Co, VA
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 08:15:06 EDT

In response to "Need Help" by Thomas Markham on 12 Apr 1999 I am attaching an
abbreviated development of this family that I have assembled over the past
year. I am searching for the children of Triplette Estes Lowry m. Matilda C.
Brown, but have little success beyond what is listed below. I, too, would
appreciate assistance from members of this list on any member of this family.
It is pretty elusive.

Thomas, you will note that my development is a little different than the one
you posted. As with all developments this is a work in progress.


The Lowry Family of Bedford County, Virginia
January 1, 1999

John Lowry, Sr.
A. Aaron Lowry m/1 21 Jan 1776 Goochland Co, VA Penelope White m/2 Ann
B. William Lowry d. ca 1781 m. Lunenburg Co, VA Elizabeth Pullen
1. William B. (Burr?) Lowry, Jr. b. ca 1770/75 in Caroline Co, VA d.
ca 1851 m. 17/26 Dec 1796 Bedford Co, VA Nancy Hoard
(Hoad, Howard) b. ca 1778 Bedford Co, VA
a. Triplette Estes Lowry b. ca 1797 d. ca 1851 m/1 11 Dec 1822
Bedford Co, VA Sarah Coghill (Sallie) Noell b. 28 Oct
1799 d. ca 1838 m/2 25 Feb 1839 Bedford Co, VA Matilda
C. Brown b. 13 Feb 1803 d. ca 1856
children by Sarah Coghill Noell
i. Ann Bell Lowry b. 1824 m. 28 Feb 1840/44 Nelson A.
Patteson b. 1822
ii. John William Lowry b. 12 Jan 1829 d. 13 Nov 1900 m.
16 Apr 1867 Almira E. Lowry (cousin) b. 01 Mar
1832 d. 13 Apr 1906
aa. John T. Lowry b. 22 Jun 1868
bb. Augustus W. Lowry b. 26 Aug 1870
iii. Sarah (Sallie) M. Lowry b. 1835 d. 1922 m. 27 Jun
1854 Thomas D. Patteson b. 1826
aa. William E. Patteson b. 1861 d. 1884
iv. Margaret E. Lowry b. 1834 m. 15 Dec 1856 Bedford
Co, VA d. 26 Oct 1861 William G. McGhee b. Feb
1831 Amherst Co, VA d. 10 Jun 1907 Roanoke, VA
bur. Fairview Cemetery, Roanoke,VA
aa. infant b. 15 Feb 1859 d. 12 Mar 1860
bb. William Lowry McGhee b. 20 Oct 1860 Bedford
Co, VA d. 12 May 1929 Roanoke, VA bur.
Fairview Cemetery, Roanoke,VA m. never
v. Dr. Triplette Estes Lowry, Jr. b. 24 Dec 1837
Bedford Co, VA d. 14 Aug 1919 Bedford Co, VA bur.
Bedford Co, VA m. 03/21 Oct 1875 Virginia S.
Robinson b. 03 Oct 1847 d. 12 Dec 1915 bur.
Bedford Co, VA
aa. Triplette Estes Lowry III b. 15 Dec 1881 d. 23
Apr 1885
bb. Mary E. Lowry b. 31 Jul 1882/83
children by Matilda C. Brown
vi. Elizabeth B. Lowry b. 1840 m. 02 Oct 1867 Bedford
Co, VA Henry B. Wilkes b. 25 Oct 1833 d. 06 Dec
vii. Marshall Milton Lowry b. 15 Aug 1842 d. 19 Jun 1888
m. 20 Dec 1865 Bedford Co, VA Susan Turner Everett
b. 05 Apr 1842 d. 03 Apr 1914
viii.Harriet M. Lowry b. 1844 m. 24 May 1866 Bedford Co,
VA Thomas B. Perrow b. 1836
ix. Edmonia P. Lowry b. 1846 d. 28 Oct 1912 Bedford Co,
VA bur. Timber Ridge Baptist Church, Bedford Co,
VA m. never
x. George W. Lowry b. 1848 m. Lizzie ____
b. Milton Lowry b. 1798 Bedford Co, VA m. 06 Mar 1826 Mildred
P. Key b. Bedford Co, VA d. Jan 1884
i. Almira E. Lowry b. 01 Mar 1832 d. 13 Apr 1906 m. 16
Apr 1867 John William Lowry (cousin) b. 12 Jan
1829 d. 13 Nov 1900
ii. Henry Clay Lowry b. 15 Dec 1839 d. 12 Nov 1917 bur.
Longwood Cemetery, Bedford, VA m. 1864 Elizabeth
Prentis Quarles b. 1849 Bedford Co, VA d. 07 Sep
1932 Bedford Co. VA bur. Longwood Cemetery,
Bedford, VA
aa. Francis (Frank) Scott Key Lowry
bb. Landon Lowry b. 1878 d. 1943 bur. Oakwood
Cemetery, Bedford, VA m. Ruby N. Hamner b.
1879 d. 1956 bur. Oakwood Cemetery,
Bedford, VA
i) Henry Clay Lowry II b. 02 Jan 1911 d.
21 Dec 1981 bur. Oakwood Cemetery,
Bedford, VA
ii) Cordelia Ann Lowry m. Jun 1940
Lynchburg, VA Robert Smith Harris
iii) Edith Burwell Lowry m. 04 Apr 1942
Bedford, VA John Cantey Oliver
cc. Robert Quarles Lowry 28 Apr 1881 Bedford Co,
VA d. 26 Sep 1933 bur. Longwood Cemetery,
Bedford, VA m. Eula Pleasant Bibb (cousin)
b. 04 Jul 1893 d. 01 Jan 1981
i) Robert Quarles Lowry, Jr.
dd. Thomas (Tommie) Lowry b. 05 Oct 1884 d. 14 Jul
1896 bur. Longwood Cemetery, Bedford, VA
ee. Annie Lowry m. never
iii. Judith Lowry m. Edward Beale
aa. Mary Beale
bb. Mildred Beale
iv. Robert W. Lowry m. ____ Davis
v. Dr. William Martin Lowry b. ca 1833 Bedford Co, VA
d. 31 Jul 1897 Bartow, FL bur. New City Cemetery,
Bartow, FL m. 1866 VA Eliza E. Wharton b. 05 Oct
1841 Luray, VA d. 01 Jun 1921 Beaumont, TX bur.
Magnolia Cemetery, Beaumont, TX
aa. John Milton Lowry b. 13 Mar 1867
bb. Malcolm Wharton (Mack) Lowry b. 05 Mar 1868 d.
16 Sep 1950 bur. Forest Lawn Cemetery,
Beaumont, TX m. Sherman, TX Georgia Ann
Light b. 17 Mar 1879 Rowletts, KY d. 03 Jan
1967 Beaumont, TX bur. Forest Lawn
Cemetery, Beaumont, TX
i) Joe Lowry b. ca 1907 d. ca 1907
ii) Louis Light Lowry b. 11 Mar 1909
Beaumont, TX m. 05 Oct 1940 Leora
Edith Addison b. 18 Jul 1915
Beaumont, TX
aa) Marion Ann Lowry b. 16 Feb 1946
Beaumont, TX m. Gerald Lynn
bb) Robert Louis Lowry b. 25 Feb 1949
Beaumont, TX m. 18 Aug 1973
Beaumont, TX Deborah Sue Dunbar
b. 03 Jul 1949 Beaumont, TX
cc) Jean Elizabeth Lowry b. 14 Sep
1950 Beaumont, TX m. William
Joseph Rambo
iii) May Belle Lowry b. 18 Sep 1910 El
Paso, TX m. 10 Feb 1940 William Dean
vi. John M. Lowry d. Civil War
c. Albert M. Lowry b. ca 1804 m. never
d. Thomas Lowry b. ca 1806 m. never
e. Eleanor (Ellen) Howard Lowry b. 22 Apr 1807 d. 24 Feb 1884
m. 25 Oct 1828 Cornelius Noell, Jr.
i. Ann H. Noell b. 10 Jun 1831 m. 11 Oct 1858 James
ii. William Triplett Noell b. 10 Jun 1831 m/1 10 Oct
1860 L.F. Lowry m/2 Milly McGhee
iii. Albert Noell b. 18 May 1833 d. Jun 1864 m. 05 Feb
1862 Eliza Turpin
iv. Sarah Elizabeth (Bette) Noell b. 18 May 1835 m. 17
Oct 1858 Adam Bradley
v. Cornelius F. Noell b. 1837 d. 15 Apr 1922 m. 31 Oct
1866 Sallie Ferrell
vi. Thomas Edward Noell b. 10 Oct 1839 d. 02 Oct 1920
m. 22 Oct 1867 Mildren Turpin
vii. John M. b. 30 Dec 1841 m. 17 Nov 1869 Mary Ferrell
viii.Henry Noell b. 21 Jan 1845 m. Susan ___
ix. Mary Ellen Noell b. 1847
f. Nelson Lowry b. ca 1808 m. 19 Oct/Nov 1833 Sarah Ann Rucker
i. Flora B. Lowry m. 26 Jan 1864 John M. White
ii. Dr. Harry Lowry
iii. John W. Lowry
iv. Richard Lowry
v. Lunsford Lowry
vi. Henry Lowry
g. Howard Lowry b. ca 1810 m. 1835 Cicely Key
i. Judith Lowry m. ____ Puckett
h. Mary Isabel Lowry b. ca 1812 m. 20 Dec 1837 Alfred A. Bell
i. Sarah Bell m. R.D. Buford
aa. Belle Buford
ii. Mary Bell m. R.B. Claytor
aa. Evelyn Claytor
bb. Alfred B. Claytor
iii. Annie Bell m. J.W. Smith
aa. Rosalie Smith
bb. Ethel Smith
iv. Rose Bell m. O.W. Kelsy
aa. Gladys Kelsy
bb. Arthur Kelsy
v. Thomas W. Bell
i. Richard Warren Lowry b. ca 1814 m. Cicely M. Patteson b. ca
i. Nannie J. Lowry
ii. Patteson Lowry
iii. Virginia Warren Lowry
iv. Lucy Bell Lowry
v. Edward Scruggs Lowry
vi. Molly/Mollie Burwell Lowry
vii. Willie Augusta Lowry
viii.Samuel Anderson Lowry m. Alice King
aa. Warren Lee Lowry m. Nora Templeton
bb. Charles King Lowry
j. Nancy Ann Lowry b. 05 Dec 1816 m. 05 Dec 1833 George W.
Grounds, Jr. b. ca 1809
i. Oliver Hazard Perry Grounds b. ca 1837
ii. Mary F. Grounds b. ca 1840
iii. Sarah E. Grounds b. ca 1842
iv. John H. Grounds b. ca 1844
v. Elizabeth A. Grounds b. ca 1846
vi. Laura M. Grounds b. ca 1847/48
vii. Nelson Lowery Grounds b. 14 Jun 1847 d. 20 Oct 1933
Hooker, OK m. 01 Dec 1877 Montgomery Co, KS Sarah
Jane Moore b. 30 Aug 1856 Independence, Jackson
Co, MO d. 11 Feb 1941 Hooker, OK bur. 13 Feb 1941
Hooker, OK (see continuation)
viii.Matilda Grounds b. ca 1850
ix. Virginia Grounds b. ca 1851
x. Linda Grounds b. ca 1854
xi. Charles D. Grounds b. ca 1857
k. Sarah Lowry b. ca 1818 d. ca 31 Oct 1842 m. 17 Nov 1841
William Bush
i. William Lowry Bush b. 31 Oct 1842 d. 24 Jun 1917 m.
27 Nov 1867 Susan Elizabeth Bond b. 07 Jul 1847 d.
18 Nov 1915
aa. William Pleasant Bush b. 18 Dec 1869 d. 14 Mar
1909 m/1 Alma Hopkins m/2 Lula Bondurant
i) Howard Bush
bb. Sarah Elizabeth Bush b. 18 Apr 1870 m. 11 Jul
1888 Ellis Brown Bibb b. 28 Jun 1860 d.
i) Helen Elizabeth Bibb
ii) Merrie Louise Bibb m. Charles William
Wharton d. 1940
iii) Eula Pleasant Bibb b. 04 Jul 1893 d.
01 Jan 1981 m. Robert Quarles Lowry
(cousin) b. 28 Apr 1881 d. 26 Sep
aa) Robert Quarles Lowry, Jr.
iv) Ellis Brown Bibb, Jr. m. Inez Carolyn
aa) Ellis Brown Bibb III
v) John Sale Bibb (twin)
vi) Josephine Rucker Bibb (twin)
2. John Lowry b. 14 Mar 1762 Goochland Co, VA m. 12 Dec 1792 Abigail
a. Cpt. Elliott Lowry b. 1797 m. 22/27 Jan 1827 Savina Fuqua
i. William Lowry
ii. Ann M. Lowry m. George Milton Lewis Kinzer
aa. Georgie Kinzer
bb. Rena Kinzer
cc. Rose Kinzer m. F.H. Bell
dd. Harvey Lowry Kinzer m. Mary Lidia Fizer
i) Wray Kinzer
ii) Frank Kinzer
iii) Ruby Kinzer m. ___ Eaton
aa) June Eaton m. ____ Hillsman
aaa) Nancy Hillsman m._____
iv) Lowry Kinzer
v) John Kinzer
iii. Frances L. (Fannie) Lowry m. William Triplett Noell
aa. Cora Noell
bb. Ella Noell
cc. Triplett Noell
iv. Rose Lowry m. 27 Jan 1834 John Clinkenbeard, Jr.
aa. Ollie Clinkenbeard
bb. May Clinkenbeard
cc. Harriett Clinkenbeard
b. Lilburn Lowry
c. Harry Lowry
d. Lunsford Lowry
e. William Lowry III b. ca 1794 Caroline Co, VA d. 05 Nov
1857 Bedford Co, VA m. 01 Feb 1821 Bedford Co, VA Mary
(Polly) White b. ca 1800 d. 16 Jan 1855 Bedford Co, VA
i. William Claiborne Lowry d. Civil War
ii. Lucinda Abigail Lowry b. 08 Nov 1825 Bedford Co, VA
d. 15 Feb 1907 Appomattox Co, VA m. 07 Dec 1849
Bedford Co, VA Albert Thornhill b. 10 Jan 1819
Buckingham Co, VA d. 25 Oct 1886 Appomattox Co, VA
bur. Thornhill Cemetery, Appomattox Co, VA (see
iii. Frances (Fannie) Emaline Lowry b. 1822 m. 28 Sep
1847 Jefferson W. Phelps
aa. Laura Phelps
bb. William Phelps
cc. Alma Phelps
iv. Charles Burr Lowry b. 1832 d. 1913 m. Lucy Duncan
aa. Junius H. Lowry m. Sallie Fuqua
i) Bessie Markham Lowry m. ___Fowler
ii) Maggie Lowry
iii) Lucile Lowry
iv) Katherine Lowry
bb. Sallie Lillian Lowry m. William Herbert Shenk
cc. Charles Burr Lowry, Jr. m. Gussie ___
dd. Elmer Lowry m. May _____
v. Robert White Lowry dy?
f. Ledia/Lydia Lowry m. 27 Jan 1834 Lewis T. Clinkenbeard
aa. John Clinkenbeard, Jr. m. Rose Lowry (cousin)
i) Ollie Clinkenbeard
ii) May Clinkenbeard
iii) Harriet Clinkenbeard
g. Nancy Lowry
h. Jackson Lowry
3. Thomas Lowry b. 1769 m. 18 Oct 1794 Elizabeth Williams b. ca 1773
4. Nelson Lowry b. ca 1771/81 Caroline Co, VA d. 11 Jul 1834 m. Mary
___ b. ca 1771 Caroline Co, VA d. 06 Jan 1859
5. Henry Lowry

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