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Hi Vic,

Hummmmm......I guess that I never noticed that Dement marriage was before
Ann's death. If someone could come up with a death for Margaret Dement,
possibly this would help. In the infamous letter of Julia McGlawn Price,
she writes, "He [William] never moved from this home [Bertie Co., NC] and
death came in his old age. (date unknown)[per documents, William's death was
btwn 2/28/1826 and 5/1826 in Bertie Co., NC]". William doesn't mention a
wife in his will of 1826. Ann Gaskins died in 1820, William died in 1826.
William McGlauhon Will, No. 171.

In the name of God Amen: I William McGlauhon being very sick in body but
in perfect mind, and memory thanks be to God for the same do make this my
last will & testament in the manner and form following: First I recommend
my soul to the hands of God who gave it and my body to the dust from whence
it came and wish it buried in a Christian like manner and my worldly goods
that it has pleased God to give me I dispose of in the following manner:
First: I wish all my just debts paid:
Secondly I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Oxley the land &
plantation where who now lives beginning at John Hunters line in the old
Razor Rode then along the said Road to Loghouse swamp then down the swamp to
Hardy"s line then their line & others round to first station also two
Negroes by the name of Dick & Miles which she now has in possession to her
and her heirs forever:
Thirdly: I lend unto my daughter Elizabeth Davidson the land adjoining the
land I gave to Sarah Oxley beginning at Loghouse swamp in Hardly Line a
little above my fence then across to Hunters line so as to leave the
plantation that I now live on, on the South side of said line. I also lend
unto Elizabeth Davidson three Negroes named Mary, Nelson & Penny to her, her
life time and after her death to her children say James and Martha Davidson
and their heirs forever:
Fourthly: I give and bequeath to my son James McGlauhon the plantation
whereon I now live and the balance of my land not already given away & two
Negroes named George & Lewis to him and his heirs forever, which Negroes he
has in his possession.
Fifthly: I give to my son Jeremiah McGlauhon one Negro red Boy Jess which
Negro he carried away with him to him and his heirs forever also give and
bequeath to my son Jeremiah McGlauhon three hundred dollars to be raised by
my Executors out of my property that is not given away and the balance after
paying my just debts to equally divided amongst my other three children
namely, Sarah Oxley, Elizabeth Davidson & James McGlauhon to them and their
heirs forever.
Lastly of all I ordain my friends John H. Cobb & Wm. Worley my sole
Executors to this my last will & testament revoking and making void all
others I might of made in Witness I have hereunto set my hand & seal this
February 28th, A. D., 1826.

Signed, Wm. McGlauhon, Seal
Signed in prsence of
W. H. Speight,
X. Elisabeth Thomas.

State of North Carolina,
Bertie County Court May Term, 1826.

This last will and testament of William McGlauhon dec'd. was proved in open
Court by the oath of Wm. H. Speight one of the subscribing witnesses thereto
& ordered to be recorded at the same time Wm. Worley & John. H. Cobb the
Executors therein named qualified as such.

E. A. Rhodes, Clk.
A William married Margaret Dement in Johnson Co., NC. Johnson Co. is a
distance away from Bertie Co., NC. Interesting.

Bride: Margarett Dement
Groom: William McGlauhon
Bond Date: 28 Oct 1793
County: Johnston, NC
Record #: 01 138
Bondsman: Ryon Wood
Witness: R Sanders
Bond #: 000068856

You've pretty much convinced me that there is probably another William. I
can't rule out that there were no other William's. I sure that we don't
have all of them yet! Has anyone checked out the census records for Johnson
Co., NC?

I also have a hard time accepting the third marriage of Jeremiah to Matilda
Webb Fogerty. Julia McGlawn Price writes in the history, "... then moved
to Putnam County, Georgia. There was born to them eleven children, one of
which died in childhood." Three of the children listed in census records
that were Matilda's were born in AL. I don't think that we have yet found
all of Jeremiah and Nancy [Baker] McGlawn's children. I'm fairly sure of
1-David, 2-unknown Girl that died young, 3-William, 4-Turner and 5-Edward.
Fairly sure of 6-Elizabeth because she was married in same place as many of
the other children of Jeremiah and Nancy McGlawn. I know others of the list
are convinced that Martha Susan and James Jackson are as well children.
I've included them in my tree as children of Jeremiah and Nancy [Baker]
McGlawn even though I am not totally sold on the idea even yet.

In my opinion, I think that we still do not have all of these same name
problems sorted out yet with the William's and Jeremiah's.

My theory is that POSSIBLY Hardy is William's son and Edmond's grandson.
Can't prove it. Hardy was not mentioned in William's will.

It's still one giant puzzle!
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Good Morning Cousins,

I see that Vanette and her researchers believe that William married Margaret
Dement, I don't know why that is so hard for us to believe since they all
to marry quite a lot and have children when they aren't married. I guess
what was holding me back on that was that Anne Gaskins was still alive, and
was mentioned in his will as his wife? right but if William is the father
Hardy (mother Margaret Butler) born 1768 and he is the father of Jeremiah
(mother Nancy Capehart-Kapot) b. 1768 it shouldn't be so hard to believe he
marry Margaret while he was still married to Anne.
There was no other William at this time to have married Margaret Dement.
What yall think?

3. WILLIAM3 MCGLAUHON (EDMOND2, JEREMIAH1) was born 1740 in Scotland or
Bertie County, North Carolina, and died March 01, 1826 in Bertie County,
Carolina. He married (1) NANCY KAPOTT. He married (2) ANN GASKINS
1780 in Bertie County, North Carolina. She was born 1764 in Bertie County,
North Carolina, and died 1820 in Bertie County, North Carolina. He married
MARGARETT DEMENT October 28, 1793 in Johnston County, North Carolina.

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