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Subject: [MDSTMARY-L] Justinian Greenwell
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 09:00:47 EDT

Greetings everyone:

I think I have finally nailed down one of the Justinian Greenwells by going
thru Chancery Records this week. This is my abstract of the case

Chancery Ct. (Chancery Papers) 6/13/1795 Case #3785 (17898-3785)
Raphael Neale vs. Jesse (Justinian) & wife, Lethe (along with Justinian's
brothers, Ignatius, Nicholas, Joseph, Bennett Greenwell).
Land: part Johnson's Neck
6/11/1789 " That their father, George Greenwell, late of St. Marys, deed the
said parcel to Raphael Neale.

10/21/1790 Justinian Greenwell of P. G. Co. to Raphael Neale of St. Marys Co.
Whereas George Greenwell, late of St. Marys Co.,dec'd. did by his last will &
testament devise the real estate unto his five sons, Nicholas, Justinian,
Ignatius, Joseph, and Bennett Greenwell.
And whereas the said Justinian has contracted to bargain & sell his (share)
tract to Raphael Neale.
Land was part Johnsons' Neck which whole tract contained 49-1/2 acres.
Came forth on 10/21/1790 Justinian Greenwell acknowledged the deed and his
wife, Lethe Greenwell did relinquish forever her dower share.

3/1/1790 Nicholas, Ignatius & Joseph Greenwell of St. Marys Co.deed to
Raphael Neale land left by their father, George Greenwell's will,
part Johnson's Neck the whole tract 49-1/2 acres to Raphael Neale.
10/31/1790 came forth Eleanor wife of Nicholas, Jane wife of Ignatius
relinquishing right of dower.
Land record dated 4/11/790 by Timothy Bowes as Liber TB #4 folio 382.

Bennet Greenwell deeded over his share to Raphael Neale.
Came forth Susanna Greenwell, wife of Bennet to relinquish her dower claim.

Another Chancery case
Chancery Ct. 3/23/1811 17898-1303
Answer of James D. Moore & Ann, his wife, George Lowe, Sarah Lowe, Elethiel
Greenwell to the bill of complaint of Overton Carr, Jonathan Boucher Carr of
P.G.Co., Samuel Carr & Eleanor Boucher Carr, his wife,Dabney Carr & Elizabeth
Carr, his wife.

As you can see, Lethe (Elethiel) Lowe Greenwell was still alive in 1811.

Now this Justinian of Geeorge (born October 03, 1757) is not the one who
died 1807 in P.G. Co. That Justinian Greenwell wed Ann Moore 1795

3/4/1807 Nat'l Intellinger (D.C.) Ann Greenwell is adm. for estate of
Justinian Greenwell, dec'd, late of P.G. Co., Md.
1/5/1807 Nat'l Intellinger (D.C.) Alex. Boone, trustee, announces public sale
to be held at Greenwell's Tavern, P.G.Co.

Tom Jennings

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