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Henry Peyton who m. Ann Grigsby was the son of Henry and Elizabeth (Bronaugh)
Peyton. Henry, Sr. was b. abt 1765 in Stafford or FauquierCo, VA; d. Nov 1847,
ClarkeCo, MO. This Henry was the son of Henry Peyton, b. abt 1765, Stafford or
FauquierCo, VA; wd 7 Dec 1814, wp 27 Feb 1815, FauquierCo, and Susanna Fowke. This
Henry was the son of John Peyton, b. 1691, VA; d. 18 May 1760., StaffordCo, VA; wd
March 1760, wp 11 June 1760, StaffordCo, VA; Burgess 1736-40, 1757-58; Justice 1745
and Anne (Waye) Young. John was the son of Henry and Anne Peyton. Henry was bapt.
25 Feb 1631, St. Dunstan-in-the-West, London. He was the son of Henry and Katherine
(Clifton) Peyton. Henry was b. 1590; d. 1656. He was Examiner of the High Court in
Peytons who lived in VA before 1800 are eligible for membership in The Peyton
Society of Virginia.


Marilyn Newton wrote:

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> Subject: [MOHOWARD-L] Re: Peytons in Howard Co
> I followed with interest the discussion of the Peyton family of Virginia in Mo
> during the past week. This was my husband's (Robert Bradford Newton) direct
> line through his mother, Catherine George, b. 26 Jan 1902, Holden, Mo, m. Neil
> Long Newton 10 June 1924, d. 25 July 1988 Jefferson City, Mo, pob. California,
> Moniteau Co. Mo.; daughter of William Hudgins George and his wife Nancy Jane
> Smith of Holden and later Warrensburg, MO. William Hudgins George was the son
> of Warren Georgeand his wife Jane Elizabeth Peyton, daughter of Henry Peyton and
> his wife Sarah Grigsby.
> One item I have that might be of interest is a letter written by my husband's
> Grandfather, William.H. George, to his daughter, Grace George, on 13 Feb 1926 in
> answer it appears to a request for family information. Grace was was
> responsible for much of the family genealogical research. I have a copy of her
> approved application for membership in the DAR on the Peyton line, dated 6 Nov
> 1930, so the request might have been in her endeavor to fulfill the
> requirements for this membership. The letter is lengthy and mostly concerns the
> early life of his father, Warren George, and his coming to Ray County, Mo from
> his Lancaster County, Va birthplace. It does contain the following exerpts that
> might be of interest, transcribed as written:
> "In 1835 my father located his first home in Mo. Then he went back to Virginia,
> wound up his affairs and started back, overland to Mo. with all his worldly
> possessions, which was no mean amount for that time. They included two negro
> boys, Joe and Ephram, later on he traded Ephram for a beautiful nego girl for a
> wife for Joe, and they raised a big family, who were freed by Lincoln's
> proclamation. When they left home Father gave them a good start for those
> times. A wagon and team, hogs, chickens, cow & household goods__
> On his way back to Mo he met up with an aristocratic family from Green Brier Co,
> Va - Henry PEYTON who was migrating also to Mo and they traveled together, till
> the Peytons reach their destination which was Fayette, Howard Co, Mo. Here they
> separated, my father continuing on to his house in Ray Co. During this company
> traveling he courted and won the daughter Jane Elizabeth Peyton, whom he soon
> married moved to his new house in Ray Co and lived happily ever after."
> "My grandmother on Ma's side was named Grigsby, who was kin to President
> Jackson. The William Jackson you asked me about, formerly of St. Louis, was
> Ma's first cousin and his wife was a first cousin. I visited them in St. Louis,
> also in Philadelphia. His mother - a very old lady lived with him. This old
> lady gave me much history of the Peyton family but I have forgotten about all
> she told me."
> "This old lady Jackson's daughter who was a 2nd or 3rd cousin of mine married a
> W H English. A very wealthy man of Indianapolis, Ind who ran on the democratic
> for the Vice Pres with Cleveland I think. I visited this old lady Jackson in
> Philadelphia in 1876 - had a letter of introduction from Aunt Bettie Boyd and
> this Mrs. English was there. She urged me to visit them on my road home, but I
> didn't, too much pomp and wealth displayed, though I never saw a lovlier
> mortal."
> "Grand Father & Mother are buried at Fayette Howard Co, Mo. Sometime I will
> visit their graves. Harry, Yell - Suda Margarette and Bettie were the Peyton
> children. I think another girl but I have forgotten her name. Yes I remember
> now it was Aunt Mary she married an Indiana Yankee - can't remember his name but
> I will never for get Ma telling about the visit they made her."
> If anyone wants more information I'm happy to share whatever I have. There is
> George family information in the letter also if anyone is researching that line.
> Marilyn Harris Newton
> Richmond, VA

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