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Every family should have one of him - and I think one would suffice.
What was his name?
There is nothing listed on your Formyduval in The Huguenots of South
For details on sources used, refer to this link:
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How about the Formyduvals of Columbus county. One story has them
hiding out
in the Green Swamp for years until they got some kind of all clear
My relative was Doctor Jean Prosper Formyduval who I'm told is the
Anything eye opening on them.

I'm still looking for a real exciting relative on my side. Even the
womanizing and boozing on my side were not colorful. They were just
and adulters. Now my husbands side is full of fun. I'm following one
who was
a civil war hero. He came home and moved his aunts house slave in and
had 5
children. He made big bucks so that in the 1930's The Bank of
(Alabama that is) asked him to buy them out . He did. His children
were all
well educated. He seemed to function well in the black and white
between 1860 and 1935(when he died.) Why did the KKK not come after
him? His
house was a standard appearing farmhouse of the day but behind it was
covered breezeway to another house called the bedroom house. It had 6
bedrooms nothing else. I got this from talking with his grandaughter
who was
25 when he died and in the room with him. The stories go on and on on
He had a Lincoln car which he liked but he disliked President Lincoln
so he
had his car painted confederate grey. He left 6 siblings 75000
dollars (that
is almost a million today) in 1935 when he died. He left his black
wife 1000
acres and the new Buick car. The neat thing about this is that all
the tales
I've heard about him turn out to be true. Now that is a fun ancestor
connections to him come right out of the middle of Colly Swamp.


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