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From: "Mike & Diane" <>
Subject: [NCPENDER] World War II
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 01:34:27 -0600 (Central Standard Time)

Hi lists,

I wanted to let each of you know that I have just put the North Carolina in
World War II web site back online.

You will find a variety of information on WWII as well as some information
you may or may not already know. I want to encourage each of you to send in
any information on any WWII Veterans that you may have so that we can build
pages to add to the site to honor them, just like we have done with the
Revolutionary Patriots and the Civil War Vets.

The main Military site is:

This site has links to each of the Military sites. (Revolutionary War, Civil
War, WWI, and WWII) I will also be working on getting sites up for War of
1812, Korean War, and the Vietnam War, and I hope to eventually add the Gulf
War and Iraqi Wars as well.

If anyone would like to assist on any of these sites please feel free to
contact me.

I want to make all of these sites YOUR sites, so I need your input,
suggestions and information to add to them to help you as well as all other

Remember: the more info you share, the more someone else will share, and
sooner or later those brick walls will begin to crumble!

I hope you all enjoy the Military sites as well as the County sites. I am
having great fun adding all of the new information that is sent in daily,
and I hope you are enjoying being able to go through it all.

So, can't you dig a little deeper and send in something new? : )

We do need more Veterans and Patriots...the challenge is not over and Duplin
is in the lead!
Duplin has almost doubled theirs...only a few more and it will be doubled!
Duplin, can you triple it for me? : )

Come on Jones, New Hanover and Pender...where are YOUR ancestors!??

Don't forget to check What's New on your sites...LOTS of new info has been
added, something to each site! Jones be sure and check have a
lot of new info to go through and add to!

Have fun and happy hunting!

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