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From: "David A. French" <>
Subject: [NCPENDER] A Visit With the Vikings! hosted by The Family HistorySociety of ENC
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 16:31:26 -0500

Hi All,

We are pleased to host the Sons of Norway Drammen Lodge of New Bern and
the Austlend Vikings of North and South Carolina for our January program
entitled "A Visit with the Vikings!" this Saturday, January 21st, 2012 at
1pm in Cullman Performance Hall at the new North Carolina History Center,
529 South Front Street, New Bern, NC.

If you have English, Scots, Irish, or French ancestry, you may well have a
Viking in your family tree! You are invited to learn about the history,
heritage, and culture of the Norse people and their influence in Europe, as
well as in America and Eastern North Carolina.

The event is free and open to the public! Everyone is welcome!

Below are some highlights of this exciting and educational event, please
see our website at for a PDF for more details.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday and please let your friends and
family know about the event.

All the Best,

David French

"A Visit with the Vikings!"

Sons of Norway Overview: John Simenen, President of the local Drammen
Lodge, will share information about the purposes and benefits of being a

Austlend Viking Trading Tent Encampment: CPT Robert K. Rambo (Ret.),
member of the Austlend and The Vikings-Vinland, will portray a Swedish
eastern Viking trader, who served in Russia and the Varangian Guard of the
Byzantine Empire. His wares on display will include Viking-Age coins (over
1000 years old), Norwegian stockfish, Viking jewelry, furs, and amber, and
other treasures...some items may even be for sale! For more information
about the Austlend Viking group, please contact: Thom Styron at
or visit

Scandinavian Folk Dancers: Bruce Emery and Katherine Polk dressed in
traditional bunads will demonstrate folk dances from Norway and Sweden.

The Styron Family of Eastern North Carolina: Thom Styron, a member of the
Austlend and The Vikings-Vinland, will take on the persona of his ancestor
Styrbjorn Sterki (b. 960, d.984) to present the story of the Styron Family,
from Sweden and Denmark to England, then to America and those that later
settled on Portsmouth Island, Carteret County, North Carolina. We will
learn who they were and who they are today - including noted author William
Styron, whose works include “Sophie’s Choice” and who is also a Pulitzer
Prize winner (1968) for the “The Confessions of Nat Turner”, as well as
many commercial seafood dealers and commercial fishermen, doctors,
merchants, boatbuilders, many educators and even a Blue Cross insurance
agent, who is a Viking re-enactor, a windsufer, a quail hunter, and a

The Irish Viking: Daniel Murphy, a Medieval History Major at North
Carolina State University and a member of the Austlend and The
Vikings-Vinland will give a weapons demonstration explaining the use of the
various Viking weapons along with commentary about the Viking influence on
English and American cultures.

Nordic Ancestry: John Serumgard, Secretary of the local Drammen Lodge,
will make a presentation about family history research sources available.
He will also explain the Nordic naming conventions which include the
patronymic (naming a son based on the name of a father, grandfather, or
other earlier male ancestor) and the farm names (taking a surname based on
where one was born and/or where one may live).

Nordic Food and Culture: Anita Herhold English, Newsletter Editor of the
local Drammen Lodge, will talk about several foods and how a couple
holidays are celebrated in Scandinavia. She will regale us with the
history of the coffee break which was invented by the Scandinavian people.
Please join us in Mattocks Hall after the presentations for a Nordic
Coffee and Dessert Party catered by Lawson’s Landing (252.637.9307)
featuring Grandma’s Goodies of New Bern (252.617.5828).

We look forward to seeing you and encourage you to come early and visit the
beautiful Tryon Palace and the new North Carolina History Center which has
an excellent permanent exhibit about the history of Eastern North Carolina.
To learn more, please visit their website at http:// <>;. For more
information about upcoming events, please visit http:// <>; or call252.349.0405.

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