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From: Bebenjohn <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 09:29:11 EST

Hello Everyone,

I am a Wilkins descendant from Nancy Ann Wilkins, daughter of Henry Wilkins
and his wife, Elenor -?- of Charles City County, Virginia. Nancy Ann Wilkins
married Joseph Royster, also of Charles City County, Virginia in 1757. If
anyone has information on Henry Wilkins and Elenor, I would love to hear from

I have cousins who are descended also from Wilkins of Halifax, Virginia. I am
including what I have on their particular branch. The present family members
who are interested in additional data on this lineage are not on line, and I
would like very much to be able to pass along any information that can be

I have enjoyed being part of these family research groups; everyone seem so
helpful and concerned in helping others who are delving into their lineages.
I wish that my family ties could contribute to the discussions, but since my
only Wilkins ancestor is a female, and I have only been able to locate her
parents; it doesn't allow me to provide much assistance to anyone else!!

Descendants of these Wilkins settled into the counties of Person, Caswell,
Orange, North Carolina. Many have remained in the counties of Virginia along
the North Carolina line.

Thanks in advance for all of your involvement.

John Fox
Winston-Salem, NC

I. William Wilkins
Born ca 1790; died 10 September 1856. Listed in the marriage record of
Robert T. Wilkins to Nancy Ladd as the father of Robert. William's wife
and Robert's mother was named Mary. William is listed in the 1850
Census as being a blacksmith. Mary Wilkins had died by 1880.
A. Robert T. Wilkins
Born ca 1820-1830; died ca 1880-1900 in Halifax County, Virginia.
Robert was first married to Dicey Loftis who died in May 1861. He
remarried Nancy Henrietta "Nannie" Ladd 28 August 1861 in Halifax
County. Nannie's parents were Mordecai and Martha Shotwell Ladd.
Nannie died ca 1880-1890. Robert enlisted in the Confederate Army
for a period of "3 years of the war", and was with the army when Lee
surrendered at Appamattox, Virginia. He was paroled with the other
soldiers at that time.
a. William Wilkins
Born in Halifax County, Virginia to Dicey and Robert. Married to
Melissa ? prior to 1860.
b. Robert S. Wilkins
Born to Dicey and Robert in January 1843; died November 1905 in
Halifax County, Virginia. Married to Eugenia S. Dunn,19 December
1870 in Halifax County. Robert served in the Confederate Army.
c. Virginia "Jenny" Wilkins
Born to Dicey and Robert.
d. Susan Wilkins
Born to Dicey and Robert. Married to George Cliborne.
e. Elizabeth "Betsy" Wilkins
Born to Dicey and Robert. Married to Patrick C. Griffin 1 July 1875
in Halifax County, Virginia.
f. James A. Wilkins
Born to Dicey and Robert. Married to Fannie Gentry 20 December
1880 in Halifax County.
g. Julia Wilkins
Born to Dicey and Robert in 1857; died January 1858.
h. John H. Wilkins
Born to Dicey and Robert. Married Fannie Nelson 19 December 1881
in Halifax County.
i. Martha A. Wilkins
Born 1862. Married to Josh Taylor.
j. Thomas Lee Wilkins
Born 3 March 1867 to Nancy and Robert; died 24 November 1938.
Married Lenora Zeal Hudson 6 April 1887
k. Ivie Purman Wilkins
Born to Nancy and Robert. Married Fannie Parrish first. Second
marriage to Mollie Jones 2 May 1909.
l. Edmund Wilkins
Born to Nannie and Robert. Married Emma Shotwell 22 June 1889 in
Halifax County.
m. Stephen Richard Wilkins
Born 20 August 1886 to Nannie and Robert; died 12 January 1948 in
Halifax County. Married Ida Clayton, born 24 March 1878; died 25
January 1943.
n. Joseph Wilkins
Born to Nannie and Robert. Married Sallie Dunn 20 December 1898.

o. Samuel Daniel Wilkins
Born 10 August 1880 to Nannie and Robert in Halifax County,
Virginia; died 27 May 1961 in Person County, North Carolina.
Married Lonie Painter born 13 March 1886; died 28 September 1954
in Person County, North Carolina
1. Addie Mae Wilkins
2. Thelma Odell Wilkins
Born 27 January 1907; married 12 October 1924 to Alonzo
Harris who died 11 November 1941. Odel remarried Hubert
Clayton on 25 January 1946.
3. Gladys Wilkins
4. Leonard Wilkins
5. Cecile Virginia Wilkins
6. Garland Wilkins
7. Ola Wilkins
8. Samuel Daniel Wilkins, Jr.
a) Sam W. Wilkins
Married April 1966 Georgia Katherine Harris, daughter of
George Edwin and Katheryn Clay Adams Harris. Sam is in the
United States Air Force.
(a) Robin Wilkins
Born 4 December 1970 in California.
(b) Danny Wilkins
Born 5 January 1974 in Okinawa.
9. Margaret Wilkins
10. Garnell Wilkins
11. Rachael Wilkins

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