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Beverly, I have another MARTIN and wonder if he connects to your MARTINS.

Issac MARTIN(1720-1774) wife Phylliss, children Jacob, Phyllis, James B.,
John, Issac, Nathan, Giles, Hannah, Rachel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, William.
John Pyle
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>Descendants of William MARTIN - 29 MAY 1998
>MARTIN GENEALOGY for my family (Hopefully correct)
>After much research, this is the MOST likely senario that can be
>determined. See what you think:
>John MARTIN b. 1596 - came to Jamestown, VA in 1607
>wife: Maud MARSHALL
>Ch: William and Abram
>William MARTIN
>Ch: Capt. John b 1685, Albemarle Co., VA (or possibly in England???)
>[[NOTE: This appears to be a different branch of the Martin family, than
>from the following source:
>William MARTIN was born about 1684 in , , , England. He died in Bristol,
>Somerset, England.]] [Could he be brother to John, above?] (Merchant of
>Bristol, England)
>William MARTIN had the following children:
>1. John MARTIN
>2. Joseph MARTIN Sr. b 1705 in Bristol, Eng' d. Jan 1762 in
>Charlottsville, Albermarle, VA
>3. George MARTIN (Suceeded his father as merchant of Bristol, England.)
>4. Nannie (Nancy) MARTIN
>There may have been others. See Annual Report of American Historical
>Association for 1893 in Article: "Gen. Joseph Martin and the War of the
>Revolution in the West," by Stephen B. Weeks.
>Joseph MARTIN Sr. was born about 1705 in Bristol, , Somerset, England. He
>died in JAN 1762 in Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA. Was married to
>Susannah CHILDS (daughter of John Henry CHILDS VA.)
>Susannah CHILDS was born about 1712 in , , VA. She died in
>Albemarle, VA. Joseph MARTIN Sr. and Susannah CHILDS had the following
>1. Brice MARTIN was born about 1737 in Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA. He
>died in 1816 TN.
>2. (Infant) MARTIN was born about 1739 in Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA.
>3. Captain (and Rev.) William MARTIN (1742-1808)
>4. General Joseph L. MARTIN (Brig. Gen.); b. 18 SEP 1740 in
>Albemarle, VA. He died on 18 DEC 1808 in Martinsville, Henry, VA. He was
>buried after 18 DEC 1808 in Martinsville, Henry, VA
>5. Colonel John (Jack) MARTIN of "Rock House"; married June 1784 Nancy
>6. Daughter MARTIN who m. MINOR
>7. Daughter MARTIN who m. LEWIS
>8. Daughter MARTIN who m. OVERTON
>9. Daughter MARTIN who m. CLARK
>10. Daughter MARTIN who m. CARR
>11. Daughter MARTIN who m. EDWARD
>12. Martha MARTIN; d. 20 June 1813 and is buried at "Belmont" on
>Leatherwood Creek, Henry County, VA. She married Pomfret WALLER, Sr. b.
>20 Jan 1747
>Colonel John (Jack) MARTIN of "Rock House"; married June 1784 Nancy SHIPP.
>He was the brother of captain (and Rev.) Wm. Martin, General Joseph
>Martin, etc. These three brothers moved from Albemarle County, Virginia,
>where they were born, to the border counties of Virginia and North
>Carolina. Colonel John (Jack) Martin and his brother William, both
>settled in Stokes County, North Carolina.
>John (Jack) MARTIN went out to the war of the American Revolution as
>Lieut. In Capt. Joseph Henry SMITH's company. Later he served in the
>samed capacity under Minor, smith, Philips and robert Hill, and under
>colonels Joseph Williams, Cleveland, Shepherd and James MARTIN. He
>marched first from the old Surrey Court House. He was in the battles of
>Chestnut Ridge, Surrey County, Colsons, Old Fields, and Alamance. In a
>skirmish near Broad river he was wounded by the Tories. His wife, Nancy
>SHIPP, comes from a family which has given many distinguished men and
>worthy women to our nation. The family enjoyed many interesting moments
>with the prominent members of the family and frequent guests at Rock
>The land, thousands of acres, around "Rock House" stretches out in valleys
>and hills and upon sides of the mountains. The valleys are in
>cultivation, with small farm houses dotting the landscape. One day Jack
>Martin, sat to rest while his wife went farther to see what the slaves
>were doing, on returning to where she had left her husband, she found him
>dead. They were both over seventy years of age.
>Children of Col. John (Jack) MARTIN and his wife Nancy SHIPP were: Mary
>MARTIN, b. 23 April 1785; Elizabeth MARTIN b. 5 Feb 1787, m. Tom CLAUD;
>James MARTIN 20 March 1789, m. Miss CARTER; Joseph MARTIN b 4 Feb 1791 m.
>Christine Harmon LYON, dau of James LYON and his wife Hettie GAINES who
>was a sister of General Edmund Pendleton GAINES, hero of Lake Erie.;
>Virginia MARTIN b. 10 aug 1794, d. 26 June 1797; John MARTIN b. 5 May
>1797, m. Nancy PERKINS, and had one dau. Carolina Virginia MARTIN
>grandmother of Capt. Jas. G. ANTHONY; Samuel MARTIN b. 29 Jan 1800,
>married Miss. PENN; George MARTIN b. 30 Oct 1802; Thomas MARTIN 18 Jan
>1805, m. Miss SMITH; William MARTIN b. 26 Aug 1809, d. 1859 at fifteen
>years of age when he was killed by an overseerer.
>NOTE: There is 4 years inbetween Thomas and William with no child listed.
>That would be the time when my DICY MARTIN would be born - 1806 (from the
>census of 1850 - 44 years of age) The book of the MARTIN history states,
>page 179, "We are sorry we cannot give full lines of descent from this
>family; but will give the names of the children of the fourth child col
>Joseph Martin, of stokes county, N.C. and his wife, Christine Harmon Lyon
>Martin. They were married in June 1818. NOT SURE THAT THIS IS MY
>General Joseph L. MARTIN (Brig. Gen.) B. 18 Sep 1740 in Charlottesville,
>Albemarle, VA; d. 18 Dec 1808 in Martinsville, Henry, VA; was married
>several times, or had several women with whom he "cavorted". Sarah LUCAS
>died in 1782.
>Married 1st - Sarah LUCAS in 1762 and had following children:
>1. Susanna MARTIN b. 1763; married Jacob BURNES
>2. Col. William MARTIN b. 26 Nov. 1765; d. 4 Nov 1846
>3. Elizabeth MARTIN b. 13 Oct 1768; d. 1805; married Carr WALLER; left 4
>4. Brice MARTIN b. 1770; d. 30 Dec 1856; married Malinda PERKINS of Smith
>County, Tennessee in 1811. (He went out to the war of 1812 as Captain of
>a company in col. Bradley's regiment, First Tennessee Infantry. At the
>Battle of Talladega one of his men, Thomas Saunders was killed. At the
>Battle of New Orleans, Brice Martin was promoted to the rank of Major. He
>was surveyor of the boundary line between Virginia and Tennessee in 1802.
>He had 5 children.
>General Joseph then married Susannah EMORY (daughter of William EMORY and
>Mary GRANT) Susannah EMORY was born about 1750 in VA. She died in CN
>East. Susannah was 1/4 Cherokee Indian blood. He and Susannah EMORY had
>the following children (numbered consecutive to above):
>5. John MARTIN (Judge) b. 20 Oct 1781 in Martinsville, Henry co. VA; d. 17
>Oct 1840 He was buried after 17 Oct 1840 in Fort Gibson, Muskogee, OK.
>His grave and tomb is the only one located on the lot maintained by the
>Oklahoma Historical Society, which was donated to them by Jesse B. Milam,
>who was the principal chief of the Cherokees from 1941 until his death in
>1949. John MARTIN was 1/8 Cherokee Indian blood. His wives, Eleanor
>Nellie MCDANIEL b. 1793; d. 25 Sept. 1849; AND Lucy MCDANIEL b. About
>1791; d 25 Sept 1860; both were 1/8 Cherokee blood and and sisters. He
>built each one of his wives a nice large home. For Lucy, he built a home
>beside the Salquary River in Murphy County, Georgia. The home for Eleanor
>Nellie McDaniel had a house fifteen miles away beside the Coosawatee River
>in Murphy County, Georgia. He lived with both wives and had a large
>family by each one. John Martin was elected 12 November 1835 as one of
>the Commissioners to "lay out" the town of New Echota, Capitol of the
>Cherokee Nation, East. He was a signer of the treaties of 8 July 1817 and
>27 February 1819. In 1819 he was elected the first Treasurer of the
>Cherokee Nation. He was elected the first Supreme Judge (Chief Justice)
>of the Cherokee Nation in 1821.
>ALSO - General Joseph L. MARTIN (Brig. Gen.) b. 18 Sep 1740 in
>Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA; d. 18 Dec 1808 in Martinsville, Henry, VA
>married 1784 - Susanna GRAVES and had the following children (numbered
>consecutive to above):
>6. Colonel Joseph MARTIN of Henry County, VA, b. 22 Sept 1785
>7. Jessee MARTIN b. 1792; d. 1835; married first Annie ARMISTEAD and had
>one son. His second wife was Cecelia REID d.26 Aug 1875, aged 83 years.
>(They had 8 sons and a daughter. He was a soldier in the war of 1812.
>Jesse MARTIN was a farmer of Henry County Virginia.
>8. Thomas W. MARTIN married Miss CARR of North Carolina and went to
>Tennessee to live.
>9. Lewis MARTIN d. 1850; married Miss RUCKER. He saw military serviand
>went to Lincoln County, Missouri and died there.
>10. Alexander MARTIN, d. About 1850 in Lincoln County, Missouri; married
>Miss CARR of North Carolina.
>11. Daughter MARTIN married Wm. CLEVELAND, son of Col. Benjamin CLEVELAND,
>hero of King's Mountain.
>John MARTIN(Judge) b. 20 Oct 1781 in Martinsville, Henry co. VA; d. 17
>Oct 1840 and Eleanor Nellie MCDANIEL b. 1793; d. 25 Sept. 1849 had the
>following children:
>1. Eliza MARTIN
>2. Jane MARTIN
>3. Anna MARTIN
>4. Joseph Lynch MARTIN
>5. Brice MARTIN
>6. Susannah MARTIN
>7. Richard Fields MARTIN was born about 1827 Richard was 1/8 Cherokee
>Indian blood. There is no record of him ever marrying. He left no issue.
>8. Ellen MARTIN
>9. Pauline MARTIN
>John MARTIN(Judge) b. 20 Oct 1781 in Martinsville, Henry Co. VA; d. 17
>Oct 1840 and Lucy MCDANIEL b.about 1791;d. 25 Sept 1860 had the following
>1. Martha MARTIN
>2. Nancy MARTIN born about 1782 in CN East. She died in 1829.
>Nancy was 1/8 Cherokee Indian blood. married to Jeter LYNCH in 1799 in , ,
>GA. Jeter LYNCH was born. He died. Jeter Lynch was of Irish descent.
>Nancy MARTIN and Jeter LYNCH had the following children: Sabra LYNCH;
>Rachel LYNCH; Joseph Martin LYNCH Sr.; Sallie LYNCH; Mary LYNCH; Berrilla
>LYNCH; Maria LYNCH; Martha LYNCH.
>3. Rachel MARTIN
>4. Charlotte MARTIN
>5. John MARTIN Jr
>6. Gabriel MARTIN
>7. Cicero Holt MARTIN was born on 27 Apr 1824 in , Murphy, GA. He died on
>27 Mar 1843 in Saline, IT, CN. He was buried after 27 Mar 1843 in
>Salina, Mayes, OK. Cicero was 1/8 Cherokee Indian blood. He left no
>8. Amelia MARTIN.
>BELIEVED to also be connected to the same family we now come to another
>family of MARTINS:
>John MARTIN married 2 Jan 1797 Susannah BENGE, b about 1779 and they lived
>in Franklin Co., Tennessee. Susannah was the Granddaughter of James MARTIN
>and Elizabeth CRAWFORD and the daughter of Thomas BENGE and Sally MARTIN.
>John MARTIN was designated by Thomas BENGE as one of the executors of his
>will, at a time when John and his wife Susannah BENGE were in Franklin
>Co., Tennessee and Thomas BENGE was dying in Wilkes co., North Carolina.
>Another interesting note is that there was an Indian named BENGE or as
>they called him "the BENCH", and he was considered one of the meanest men
>Children of John MARTIN and Susannah BENGE are:
>1. Nancy MARTIN married George HUTCHINSON, had 2 children and moved to
>Carroll Co. Mississippi.
>2. Elizabeth MARTIN married Ben SANDIDGE and had 10 children.
>3. Martha MARTIN married Orange GARNER, had 5 children and died in Canton,
>Madison Co., Mississippi.
>4. Mary MARTIN married her cousin, Terrell GRAY. In 1893 they lived at
>Estill Fork, Jackson Co. Alabama.
>5. Susan or Susannah MARTIN married Aaron THOMPSON and died in Franklin
>Co. TN.
>6. Dicey (or Dianna) MARTIN (My Dicy b. 1806) married George STAPLES and
>lived in Carroll County, Miss.
>NOTE: Have to find out about this marriage to STAPLES because it looks
>like Dianna was living with her mother still in 1827, at the date of her
>Mother's will and death.
>7. Thomas MARTIN (Tennessee Tax lists there is a Thomas in Wh 1825; Thomas
>Sr, Wh 1825, Thomas Jr. Wh. 1825) married Mary GARNER, died in Madison
>Co., Miss, had one son, Isaac Newton MARTIN.
>8. William MARTIN (1820 Census Giles Co. Pg. 4 and 20, Bedford Co. And
>others) married Elizabeth SANDIDGE and died in Mississippi.
>9. Lewis MARTIN (Tennessee Tax lists Lewis Sn 1816; Gi 1819- 1820 Census
>in Giles county on page 17 another Lewis Martin and one on page 7, Also
>Lewis Martin in sumner County TN on page 169) married Eleanor GARNER who
>married aftre he died to Willis BURTON. Lewis had one son Lewis MARTIN.
>10. Hickman B. MARTIN, a minister married first to Dorcas STAPLES. He was
>married three times and died in Memphis, Tennessee during the war.
>11. James MARTIN (1820 Cnesus Warren Co., 3 James Martins and one in
>Franklin Co.) Married in Mississippi and then moved to Lousiana.
>From the Franklin Co., TN Will book 1808-1876 (copies of wills contributed
>by A.M. Edwards, Court Square Bldg., #4, Indianola, Miss 38751)
>Will of John MARTIN page 48:
>(The date doesn't appear on this will, but Mr. Edwards notes it is 1824)
>John MARTIN was in a "low state of health" and named wife, susannah, and
>son, thomas MARTIN. He gave property to each of his boys under age (not
>named). He left property to "all my girls as they come of age." Mentions
>what he has given to his children "now grown".
>Exec: son, Thomas MARTIN and Big John MARTIN
>Test: E. Travis, David D. Hiliss (Haslip?), George Hutchinson.
>Will of Susannah MARTIN page 67, made 20 July 1827 proved aug. Term 1827.
>Named "children now living with me, William, Mary, Susannah, Harrison,
>Hickman, James, Diannah." Indicated Diannah is the youngest child.
>Exec: John S. MARTIN and Thos. S. MARTIN, son
>Witnesses: Richard Bonga and Benjamin Sandidge.
>Other Dicy MARTINS were found but not with the correct age.
>The family names are many similiar along the lines above. Dicy MARTIN
>married Dempsey CASEY and a Brice MARTIN married Susah CAYSE. Dicy had a
>Granddaughter named Eliza Jane Dicy Ragle. (My Great Grandmother).
>MORE on DICY MARTIN: (probably Diannah, mentioned in the will of Susannah
>Dicy Martin married Dempsey CASEY 13 Jan 1834 in Indiana
>He was b. 25 May 1799 in Norfolk, VA
>b. 1835 in Taylor Twp, Green Co. IN married 15 Jan 1854 to Alfred RAGLE b.
>21 Feb 1834 in Orange Co. IN, d. 29 Nov 1899 Raglesville, Davies Co.
>They had a daughter Eliza Jane DICY RAGLE who m. John GLENN and lived in
>St. Louis MO. He died and she went to Siloam Springs Arkansas before
>Eliza Jane Dicy Ragle GLENN (widow) she was born 1 Jan 1855 and was 27
>years old when her husband, John Glenn died. He died in St Louis, MO, 29,
>Nov 1882. He was about age 30, was born in Kentucky in 1852. He was a
>Saloon keeper and died at 909 Chestnut Street St. Louis, MO. Burial
>Certificate 6141, No of Certificate 7775.
>I have some suspicion that Dicy Martin (above) was part Indian and the
>following list from the Dawes Roll could easily have been relatives. The
>two women Dicy and Mary A. Martin were close to the same age too. Notice
>that there are favorite Martin "first" names for the Indian Martins on the
>Dawes list.
>Eliza Jane Dicy Ragle Glenn married, 2nd. 12 Feb 1888 to George DePew
>Smith b. 9 July 1841 while they were in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. These
>were my Greatgrandparents.
>Mary A. Martin ---15766-- 6585--- 36--F--1/6--Martin--Siloam Spgs, ARK
>Margaret A. Martin--5767--6585---17--F--1/32-Atkins--Siloam Spgs, ARK
>Dora J. Martin-------15768--6585-- 16--F--1/32-Cruse---Siloam Spgs, ARK
>Hurmon S. Martin---15769--6585-- 14-M-1/32-Martin--Siloam Spgs, ARK
>Ilo L. Martin---------15770-- 6585---13-M-1/32-Martin--Siloam Spgs, ARK
>Martha A. Martin---15771--6585---- 8--F--1/32-Martin--Siloam Spgs, ARK
>Mary E. Martin-----15772---6585---- 6--F--1/32-Martin--Siloam Spgs, ARK
>Frederick Martin---15773---6585-----4--M-1/32-Martin--Siloam Spgs, ARK
>Rhoda May Martin-15774--6585-----1--F--1/32-Martin--Siloam Spgs, ARK
>Elvira Martin -----2370M--6585-----1--F---1/32-Martin--Siloam Spgs, ARK
>Children of Eliza Jane Dicy Ragle and John Glenn:
>Arthur GLENN, born 3 Aug 1873; died 16 Feb 1875
>Bessie GLENN, born 28 June 1878; died 24 March 1953 - The family darling!
>Ernest GLENN, born 11 May 1877; died 19 June 1877
>AFTER John GLENN died Eliza Jane apparently went to Siloam Springs, Benton
>County, Arkansas between 1882 and 1887 to be with relatives. Mary A.
>Martin above was born just about 3 years after Eliza Jane. In Siloam
>Springs, Arkansas Eliza Jane met my Great Grandfather George DePew SMITH
>and married him on 23 Feb 1888 in Siloam Springs, Benton County Arkansas.
>He was born 9 July 1841 and died 18 Feb 1895. After their marriage George
>and Eliza Jane went to live in Labette, Kansas. She stayed there after
>his death and raised the children:
>Lena Pearl SMITH, born 12 Jan 1889; died 2 Aug 1968 (My line)
>Erwin Elwood SMITH, born 14 Feb 1893; died after 1975
>Jessie SMITH, born 19 April 1901; died after 1980
>Family History compiled by Lucy Henderson Horton, Press of the News,
>Franklin, Tenn 1922
>Rucker Genealogy, Edythe Whitley's - A Descendent of the Martins (John
>Calvin Martin married Sophia Rucker in TN.)
>Tax Lists for Franklin Co., Tennessee, Claiborne County Tennessee, (Parent
>county - Grainger and Hawkins in 1801)
>Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution: 1775-1783, by John H.
>Gwathmey, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing co., Inc. 1979 listing Benge
>Death Certificate for John Glenn (Eliza Jane Dicy Ragle's first husband)
>Marriage Certificate for Dempsey Casey and Dicy Martin
>Info. From:
>Shirley <
>Leslie in Gervais Oregon <>
>Oleta K. In Oklahoma City <>
>Jack Carter <>
>Author's note. Since the connection between my Dicy MARTIN b. 1806 and
>John MARTIN who married Susannah BENGE cannot, yet, be proved this is all
>just a lot of Martin history, and meaningless to my genealogy unless some
>of this can be absolutely proved. I will keep on trying, but so far it is
>just a "good?" guess.
>Beverly Bates
>Springfield, Oregon
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