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From: "John B. Lisle" <>
Subject: [NCROOTS] Davidson - Falls - Torrance - Iredell Co.
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 22:29:29 -0400

I am trying to help someone sort out some ancestors. and the trail puts me
right into one of the thornier Davidson families in NC... Please sit back
as this is going to be a long one and I hope that someone has got the data
to sort this out.

Vicki's ancestor is a John Blackburn Davidson who was born 29 Jan 1820 in
Maury Co., TN and died in Parker Co., TX on 14 may 1893. We have him in
the 1850 census in Otsego Twp., Benton Co., AR with wife Sarah, listed as
B. Davidson. Various evidence suggests that his father is John E. Davidson
who is in Sugar Creek Twp. in Benton Co., AR. John E. is 63 and born in
NC. His wife Mary is 54 and also born in NC.

Various Davidson researchers, including Robert Stephens Hand, have
identified John E. Davidson as John Edwin Davidson, son of George Davidson,
Jr., of Iredell Co., and Rosanna Falls. George Davidson Jr., is the son of
Col. George Davidson and Catherine Penelope Reese of Iredell Co., NC.

I find the published data on the family of George Davidson Jr. to be very
contradictory, but I have not had a great deal of time to sort it out.
George Jr. is said to have been born either in 1769 or 1757 in Iredell
(Rowan) Co. He married Rosanna Falls (1765-1834), daughter of William
Gilbreath Falls (1730-1780) and Isabella Kerr (1740-1816) on either 17 June
1794 or 13 Jun 1784. Now 1784 would be more reasonable for Rosanna, but if
George were born in 1769 (which is the more likely date) it would be too
early. But, if it were 1794, it would be unusual for it to be her first

(Now, the legend of the Falls family gets stranger... Gilbreath was a Rev
War soldier and was killed at battle of Ramseur's Mill in 1780. His widow
Isabella married Hugh Torrence BEFORE 1774 and had a son James Gilbreath
Torrence born 19 nov 1774. who married (9 feb 1809) Nancy Davidson, d/o
Gen. Ephraim Davidson, brother of George, Jr. ?? Could Isabella Falls who
married Hugh Torrence really be a sister, not mother, of Rosanna Falls???)
(In 1790 there is a Hugh Torrence in Iredell Co. and one in Mecklenburg
Co.; In 1800 there is one listed in Mecklenburg Co. - but the oldest female
is too old to be Rosanna.)

The only George Davidson in Iredell Co., NC in the 1790 census is Col.
George. Trying to guess who was living in his house, suggests that George
Jr. is still there and Rosanna is not. (There is a George Davidson in
Burke Co., NC, in 1790 who is listed with 3 males under 16 and 1 female. I
have no evidence to suggest that George, jr., was ever in Burke Co. And I
have no other family members who are reasonable for being this George)

George Jr. does appear in the 1800 census in Iredell (40010-20010-06)
indicating that he and his wife were 26-45 and that they had 4 boys and 2
girls under 10. Now this sounds like a lot of children between June 1794
and 1800... BUT...

In various sources (including Hand), one of the sons, Gilbreath Falls
Davidson was born about 1782 and John Edwin Davidson in 1787 (in accord
with the 1850 Benton Co., census). Could these have been adopted sons from
a previous marriage of Rosanna??? Gilbreath died about 1825 so we do not
see easy census data on him. Or is the 1800 census right, along with the
1794 marriage, and the 1850 census was wrong? Or are there two different
John E. Davidsons?

A further datapoint: In an 1830 suit in Maury Co., TN, most of the
children and grandchildren (if parent dead) of Col George Davidson are
named due to a dispute over the division of the Col.'s land in TN. John is
listed there as living in Carroll Co., TN. In the 1830 Carroll Co., TN
census, we have an Edward Davidson. John E. was known to go by name of
Edward at times. John E. shows up in Benton Co., AR in 1737 tax list and
is known to have died after 1860.

Can anyone help? Does anyone have any marriage, family records that might
help sort out this family in NC?



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