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From: John Robertson <>
Subject: [NCROOTS] Cowpens Battle anniv observance Jan 12-14
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 10:27:38 -0500

On 13 and 14 January, 2001, the Cowpens NB will hold its annual observance
of Cowpens Battle fought there 17 Jan 1781. For those seriously interested in
the RevWar in the South, or participants in this battle in particular, this
is one
event you should seriously consider attending. Patriot forces included
men from
SC, GA, NC, VA, MD and DE. Brit forces included all the same plus NJ (possibly
NY), England, and Scotland.

The Cowpens NB is located north of I-85 about 10 miles n. of Spartanburg SC
about 10 miles w. of Gaffney SC. A number of motels can be found at exit
92 (with
the peach-shaped water tank that can be seen for miles!) near Gaffney (where
the SC Scenic Highway 11 crosses I-85). For those coming from GA, I'd suggest
you consider using SC 11 (starts at the SC Welcome Center just as you cross the
bridge into SC) either coming or going. It is a beautiful drive,
particularly s. of I-26.

John Buchanon, author of "The Road to Guilford Courthouse" will be there
both days
and will participate in panel discussion on Saturday. Other panel
participants will be
Dr. Christine Swager (wrote the delightful "Black Crows and White
Cockades"), Dr.
Walter Edgar (wrote a recently released history of SC), Dr. Gregory Massey
a recently released biography of John Laurens).

On Sunday, Dr. Larry Babits (author of "Devil of a Whipping", the most
treatment ever written about the Cowpens Battle) will be there. I expect
that he will
be persuaded to conduct a guided tour of the battlefield.

Dr. Bobby Moss will be there one or both days. He is the author of
"Patriots at the
Cowpens", and also the recently released annotated diary of loyalist doctor
Johnson, and numerous books relating to individual records of area patriots
and loyalists.
You can see more about Dr. Moss and his work at

Meanwhile, down in the basement, ....!
For the very first time, I will be sharing a project where I have used 2+
gb of map images
(topo, old maps, modern maps), OziExplorer software,
numerous printed and online resources, and in some cases a gps, to locate
and plot as
many as possible of the locations identified as significant in the
RevWar. Of the some
3000 or so world-wide locations which I have found in various listings, I
have plotted coordinates
for 80% of them. I have a remaining 'want-list' of 400+ locations, 1/3 of
which are in SC,
very few of which I can ever expect to locate.

The SCROOTS site
was very useful in that it provided a number of the old maps that I
use. E.g., I have the entire
1825 SC Mills Atlas included.

[Note: this is still very much a 'work-in-progress'. I can't at this time
'lookups' to the general public other than those attending these sessions.]

I started with the listing provided on John K. Robertson's site:
but supplemented it with additional sites and listings. JKR makes a
valiant effort
to provide a composite and comprehensive listing of such sites, to verify
them as
possible with printed sources, and list each skirmish/battle only once
(noting its
name variants). My criteria is much looser. I am essentially creating a
gazetteer of locations listed *somewhere* as significant to the RevWar,
but not always a site where armed conflict occurred. My quest of "where
is/was it?" is
quite tough enough. I have to leave it to others to prove what may or may
not have
happened there.

I have digital images of the 1:250,000 topo maps for *all* US sites plotted.

In a couple of sessions, I will do an introductory presentation for about
half the time
and will devote the remainder of the time to the interests of the
audience. We will
be using a computer projector in an area that limits the audience to 25 or so.

Some things we may consider (dependent on the interests of the audience):
-Which continents were *not* involved in the RevWar?
-Which states *outside* the original 13 colonies had sites?
-What was the northernmost site? Southernmost? Easternmost? Westernmost?
-Which major nations were allied with the British in the war? Which took a
in opposition? Less than favorable to British interests?
-Were there more sites in northern colonies or in the southern ones?
-Where were the battles with the Indians? Where were the Valley Towns or the
Lower Towns?
-Was the Battle of Fishdam Ford fought on the east bank of the Broad (as two
historical markers attest) or on the west side?
-Which sites (islands, points, inlets, necks) no longer exist? Which sites
fords, battle/skirmish) are now inundated by lakes? Which have been
with city streets? Which significant NC site has been 'preserved'
beneath 2
schools and a stadium?
-Which area roads from the early 1800s lie beneath modern SC highways?
How can we know?
-Which sites are now known by a different name?

More info, updates on the Cowpens anniversary program should be available at
Be sure to click on "in depth". If you can't find the schedule, on request
I will send
you a copy of the 2-day program.

John Robertson

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