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From: John Ottinger <>
Subject: [NCROOTS] Re: Pioneers & Cavaliers
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 17:24:15 -0800

> >I understand there is a section of "Pioneers and Cavaliers" which talks
> >about Baptists in NC ca. 1750s - 1770s. In particular, the ministries of
> >the Revs. Hart, Washington, Walker, and Davis at Reedy Creek and Tar River.
> >I am most interested in learning the first name of this Rev. Hart. Does
> >anyone on the list have this book, and would be willing to do a look up for
> >me?
> Will someone who's familiar with North Carolina sources please address this
> question. Is there really such a book? The book "Cavaliers & Pioneers" is
> a 7-volume set of Virginia Colonial-era land grants.
> Does a book with the reversed title really exist? If so, who is the author?
> Thanks,
> Libbie Griffin
I did a search for a book with this title and didn't come up with anything. Even if such a title
existed I doubt that it would deal with Baptist ministries in North Carolina. Likewise, the subject
matter of Nell Nugent's multi-volume Cavaliers and Pioneers deals, as you've noted, with land grant
abstracts from early Virginia.

John Ottinger

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