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From: "Gary Cooper" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 18:52:49 -0500

To all relatives of Fleet Cooper, Sr. of Sampson County, NC; either related
directly or remotely through collateral lines:

The commonly accepted parentage of Fleet Cooper, Sr. has for years been
based upon the book by Murphy Rowe Cooper, "The Cooper Family History and
Genealogy, 1681-1931".

Since this book was published, however, there have been more and more fellow
researchers who have called Murphy Rowe Cooper's research into question. In
more recent years, the new tool of genealogical DNA testing, has not been
able to prove Fleet Cooper's descent from Benjamin and Elizabeth Kelly
Cooper, or from James Cooper of Stratford Upon Avon, in England, or from
George Ashley Cooper, the brother of Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of

It is beyond belief, that as noted a personality and public figure that
Fleet Cooper, Sr. was; that there is not one scrap of evidence, not one
ambiguous Bible record, not one note in some family members treasures, that
offers up and alternative line or alternative names of Fleet, Sr.'s parents
from which to begin additional research.

This is a plea to anyone remotely or directly related to Fleet Cooper, Sr.,
to PLEASE help us to do an exhaustive search for any old letter, notes,
Bible records, public records, ANYTHING that might be stored away in some
dusty attic, basement or abandoned chest or closet, that might give the
family a new direction or lead in determining Fleet Cooper, Sr.'s parentage.

Thank You in advance for anything helpful.



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