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Hi everyone

Another post from the Brownlow Lease Book:

Matthew HEWETT witnessed a lease document for Hutchisons Tenement, Lurgan on
20 July 1666. The property was leased to Edward WEBB and Edward WHITESIDE.
The other signatories to the lease were: Patrick CARROLL, Roger WEBB and
Charles WALLACE.

The half town of Ballenemoney (except Thompsons 14 acres) leased to George
and Simon HUIT for their 2 lives and Joseph and Mathew HUIT, sons of Simon
at nine pounds per annum at Alsaints and May clear rent, a heriott or six
pounds at lessors choice at the death of each of the 4 lives, and at the
death of every other principall (sic) tenant of the premiss or any part
thereof - and to distrain for it, suit to mills or five shillings per
barrel - turf leave gratis for Mrs JONES (Brownlow's sister) or any other
tenant of that house gratis, and to any other that shall bee appointed for
two shillings per hundred and so proportionably more or less. He to build a
new house of lime and stone 8 feet high in the wall, 36 feet long and well
finished and an orchard of 40 fruit trees; 4 daies cutting of turf for
lessees, and hedgboot for 9 years; to ditch all the fences and outbounds and
do his best to preserve his trees from spoils or waste, dated 13the June

All that the lower half town land of Ballenemoney late in the possession of
Simon HUIT as the same is sett forth and bounded together with house boot
etc (except Corrigans part 15 acres) and (except wood and roialties) in
consideracion of twenty pound fine paid, leased to Mathew HUIT for the lives
of himself, William DRAPER Junior and John HUIT (his brother) to commence
first of May last, yielding the rent of five pounds per annum de claro, at
the decease of any life aforesaid to have a new incerted (sic) upon paiment
of five pounds within a yeare, hee doeing suit and service to courts and
mills, distress in 10 daies reentrie and nominae poenae, he nor his to alien
sett or demise without leave in writeing, any part, if he doe then to pay
five pounds, not to cutt or burn turfe as long as convenient forewood is to
bee had on the premises, to keep a man and muskett ready, to keep in good
repaire all buildings, speciall warrantie, dated the 16th day of September
1667. Livery and seisin endorsed. Witnessed: William JONES, William PARRY,
George MARTIN, Patrick CARROLL, Thomas DAWSON of Magheralin script. Five
Memorandum reserve turfe leave for tenants at 12 pence per diem, five pounds
received for Mathew life
Five pounds received for John's life; new lives, George HUIT and Symon HUIT
He is permitted to demise 20 acres to any Brittish performing the above
covenants (this means he is to exclude Catholics) as to soe much, not seald.
Dated 29th August 1668. Arthur BROWNLOW CHAMBERLAIN Witness.

Corrigans land in half Ballynamoney (being 14 acres English), leased to
Robert MOOR, for the lives of Isabell, Margarett and Jane, the three
daughters of John HUIT, desceased, at three shillings and sixpence per
annum, with two geese or two shillings, to commence Mary 1679; to plant and
preserve trees and improvements as usuall. Dated 1st May 1695.

The rest of the lower half of Ballenemonie now in the possession of Simon
HUIT, leased to Mathew HUIT for his own life, William DRAPER junior and John
HUIT, in consideration of six pounds fine and seven pounds per annum to pay
a yeares rent at everie decease of a life, and have a new inserted, if
desired within a yeare, distress, reentrie and nomine peonae, suit of mills
and courts, to keep a man and muskett ready when called for; libertie of
house boot etc. but not to burn turfe, to repair all buildings, libertie for
mee to cutt and carry away the timber, not to alien without consent in
writeing, if he doe, to pay seven pounds for each alienation; libertie of
hunting etc mines and roialties. Dated 16th September 1667. Liverie and
seisin. Witnessed: William BLACKHALL, James STUART. Seven Pounds.

Halfe of Knockrawre shortly intended to be (surveyed) and sett forth
(together with houseboot etc) except woods and roialties in consideracon of
twelve pounds leased to John HUIT for 21 yeares to commence the first day of
May 1673 for six pounds per annum ultra reprizas, suite to mills and courts,
distress in 10 daies reentry and nomine poenae, to plant an orchard and
ditch and quicksett the same, halfe an acre (english) within ten yeares
after date hereof, he to (ditch and quicksett five perches yearely in
enclosure and) plant on the premisses eight oakes or ash yearely (ten foot
asunder) and doe his endeavor to preserve the same, to keep a man and
muskett, setting hemp and flax according to the act for linen manufacture,
not to burn (or cutt) turfe (provided he doe) not alien but to one of the
brittish race on paine of reentry, not above the half for (nor above) seven
yeares to a brittish without leave on paine of six pounds for which Arthur
BROWNLOW may distraine, clause of speciall warranty, date 22nd July 1668
Arthur Brownlow.
Witness: William DRAPER, Patrick CARROLL, John DAWSON, the clause of man and
muskett released endorsed.

The soods of the bogg of Ballenemoney within the compass of the bogg onely,
reserveing (all) oake and saplins, all hoefull ash and crabb such as I or
woodranger shall except (leased to Mathew HUIT) for nine yeares (from 25th
March 1675) for eleven pounds, five pounds whereof in hand, and six pounds
at Alsaints next. Dated 12th August 1675.
Endorsed no part of the wood to be sent away without the pass of Arthur or
his wood ranger on paine of forfeiture. Witness: William DRAPER, Patrick

Witness to a lease between Brownlow and Lawrence BAILYand Thomas CAUE at
Clangillvory, is Mathew HUIT. Lease dated 21st January 1669.

Witness to a lease between Brownlow and John MERCER at Killoghy is Mathew
HUIT. Lease is dated 4th October 1669.

Witness to a lease between Brownlow and John CALVERT at Porters Tenement ,
Lurgan is Mathew HUIT. Lease is dated 2nd August 1675.

Witness to a lease between Brownlow and William, Alexander and John MATHEWS
at Porters Tenement, Lurgan is Mathew HUIT. Lease dated 10th June 1672.

Witness to a lease between Brownlow and Mabell STALKER alias STAGG at
Balliblagh is Mathew HUIT. Lease dated 22nd August 1671.

Witness to a lease between Brownlow and Richard, Ann and Richard TIMMINS at
Brownes Cottage, Lurgan is Mathew HUIT. Lease dated 17th January 1673.

Witness to a lease between Brownlow and William and Henry SPENCE at
Balliblagh is Mathew HUIT. Lease dated 25th March 1673.

Witness to a lease between Brownlow and John CALVERT at Calvert's Tenement,
Lurgan is Mathew HUIT. Lease dated 19th August 1678.

Do a search of the Armagh List archives under "Brownlow" as I posted a long
list of the terminology of the leases and will explain some of the old
fashioned terms.

Victoria, Australia

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