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From: "Mary Doland" <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 22:04:12 +1000

Hi everyone

I've been searching on the SEAGOE Parish records film at LDS tonight. Here's a few odds and ends:


Hugh of John RAFFERTY and Jane McNEICE, 08/09/1837
Sponsors: Hugh and Margaret McNEICE

Ellen of Charles O'NEALE and Rachel HEWITT, 06/08/1837
Sponsors: John BURNS and Annie O'NEALE

Martha of Arthur McCANN and Jane WEBB, 31/12/1837
Sponsors: Charles LAVERY and Catherine GULLERY

Patrick of William KELLY and Mary BREEN, 12/10/1837
Sponsors: Patrick IRWIN and Anne McDONNELL

Ellen of Hugh O'NEILE and Mary HEWITT, 01/02/1839
Sponsor: Mary Ann DYNES

John of John McLYNDON and Mary ROWANTREE
Sponsors: Joseph or William O'BRIEN and Rose McLYNDON

John of Mark McCANN and Sally WEBB, 23/02/1840
Sponsors: John McCANN and Mary KAIN

William John of Daniel McCOY and Mary McNEICE, 01/01/1841
Sponsors: John McCOY and ??? HEANEY

Pat of Michael O'BRIEN and Mary Ann KELLY, 19/12/1841
Sponsors: James SCULLION and Sarah KELLY

John of Mark McCANN and Sarah WEBB, 10/01/1842
Sponsors: Patt GALLERY and Sarah WEBB?

Thomas of Arthur McCANN and Jane WEBB, 08/01/1842
Sponsors: ??? McCANN and Jane MONTGOMERY

Joseph of Joseph O'NEILE and Mary HEWITT, 08/09/1842
Sponsors: James O'NEILE and Mary RAFFERTY

Alex of Daniel McCOY and Margaret McNEICE, 22/01/1843
Sponsors: John McCOY and Margaret CONNERY

The only name on this page that I am researching in Armagh, is O'BRIEN. The rest were names familiar to me from this list. I would urge you all to look at this film. The name LENNON (as recently requested on this list) appears many times, as does McCANN, McCONVILLE, HENNON etc.

I'll post some more next week when I go back to LDS.

Victoria, Australia

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