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From: "Mary Doland" <>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 23:18:27 +1000

Hi all

Time did not permit me to get to the end of the film, but I jotted down what names I could. Following are a few names I recognised, and then I listed some other names. This is by NO MEANS all the names on the film, not by a long shot. If any of you order the film, it's very long, so take your lunch!!


Anne of John RAFFERTY and Jane McNEICE, 01/12/1841
Sponsors: James STUART and Mary RAFFERTY

Joseph of Hugh O'NEILL and Mary HEWITT, 08/09/1842
Sponsors: James O'NEILL and Mary RAFFERTY

Jane, aged 16 years, convert of John MATCHET and Anne WARREN, 21/09/1842
Sponsor: Mary McLAUGHLIN

Anne, aged 3 years, of John MATCHET and Anne WARREN, 21/09/1842
Sponsor: Jane MATCHET

Alexander of Daniel McCOY and Margaret McNEICE, 22/01/1843
Sponsors: John McCOY and Margaret CONNERY

Patt of Mark McCANN and Sally WEBB, 31/10/1843
Sponsors: John McCANN and Mary McCANN

Elizabeth of Edward McGLADE and Margaret RICE, 26/11/1843
Sponsors: James McVEIGH and Margaret DUFFY

James of John RAFFERTY and Jane McNEICE, 17/07/1844

Felix of Hugh O'NEILL and Mary HEWITT, 24/01/1846
Sponsors: John DYNES and Rose DYNES


John RAFFERTY to Jane McNEICE, 23/10/1836

James LENNON to Hannah BREEN, 31/01/1837

Daniel McCOY to Margaret McNEICE, 02/03/1840

Joseph WEBB, a Protestant to Nelly BLANEY on 07/07/1841. They are related interico ?? (latin term?) and in which they obtained a dispensation from the Right Reverend Blake, provided they are guilty of no incestuous crime previous to their marriage and should be brought within the Catholic faith, which WEBB agreed to.
Witnesses: John BLANEY and Sally BLANEY

List of some of the names which appear:

Astin, Barrett, Beatty, Best, Blair, Blake, Blaney, Brady, Breen, Burns, Cabrey, Campbell, Carroll, Caulfield, Chambers, Clark, Coleman, Connelly, Conway, Corr, Cousins, Cross, Cunningham, Curran, Cusack, Daffy, Devlin, Dobitt, Doherty, Dolan, Donnelly,Doon, Doran, Dowde, Downey, Duncan, Dynes, Fallon, Falloon, Falls, Farrell, Ferguson, Fitzpatrick, Fox, Freeburn, Fullarton, Furphy, Gale, Gallacher, Gallery, Gibson, Goodfellow, Gorivan, Gregory, Gribban, Hagan, Halfpenny, Hamilton, Hanlon, Harrison, Harvey, Hazelton, Heaney, Henderson, Hendren, Hennon, Hoey, Hunter, Jennet, Johnstone, Jones, Kain, Kearnes, Keegan, Kelly, Kerr, Kilby, Larkin, Lavery, Lennan, Loughran, Lyanass, McAllister, McArdle, McAvoy, McCahily, McCabe, McCaffrey, McClure, McCluskey, McCann, McConachy, McConnell, McConville, McCorry, McCoy, McCusker, McDonnell, McDuff, McEvoy, McGee, McGinty, McGlone, McGrath, McGuinness, McGurran, McGurk, McIlduff, McIntyre, McIvor, McKee, McKenna, McKeown, McKerr, McKeve!
ney, McLaughlin, McLeahily, McLean, McLyndon, McMahon, McManus, McNally, McNeice, McNulty, McRenalds, McShane, McSherry, McStravick, McTaggart, McVeigh, Mackie, Magee, Mallon, Marsden, Martin, Mathers, Monaghan, Moose, Mullholland, Murdoch, Murphy, Murray, Murtagh, Neeson, Nelson, Nesbitt, News, O'Brien, O'Hara, O'Hare, O'Neill, Peyden, Quinn, Rafferty, Redmond, Reilly, Rooney, Ruddell, Russell, Savage, Scullion, Sharkey, Shiely, Short, Smyth, Spratt, Stewart, Storey, Stravick, Taggart, Thompson, Tighe, Tucker, Turkington, Walsh, Webb, Williamson, Woods.

I repeat, this is by no means all of the names which appear on the film, it's a sample only. I hope this helps someone! It will make up for the disappointment of not finding any of mine! Ah well!

Victoria, Australia

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