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Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 11:40:17 -0400
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Hi Kay,

Thank you for your kind words from the living, who I hope will find much of interest in this project. Those who have passed have been encouraging me to keep going. I sometimes get the feeling that I too may have worked on these newspapers during their inception. I know that one great-great uncle and 2 great uncles did work as printer's devils on the Hunterdon Gazette and they all had careers in the newspaper and publishing business!

I am hoping to get some new text pages up perhaps in the fall, but as I noted, all my time is devoted to getting the digital images from which I will type the abstracts. I'll be going to New Jersey this week to visit the kids and Gkids and will be at the Hunterdon County Historical Society, probably on May 22.

Regards and thanks again,

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What a wonderful gift to wake up to this morning. Because that is what it is
your web-site is and is going to be---a great gift. Have already found
several items of interest and filled in a couple of blanks in my database (with
the source carefully noted). Thank you so very much for doing this for all
of us!!

And now I won't get a darn thing done around the house today--I'll be
perusing the two years worth of papers that you have up.


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