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Subject: Re: [NMCHAVES] Live in Roswell?
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 11:27:41 -0800

Hi Anna,
Thanks so much for your reply. Another list member owns Roswell city directories and sent this data------

>From the 1930 Roswell NM city directory:
Mr. Eunice B Lewis (wife Dorothy) laborer, rooms at 405 S Lea avenue

>From the 1933-1934 Roswell City Directory:
Mr Eunice B Lewis (Dorothy) laborer, home 1012 N. Washington Avenue
Mrs Dorothy Lewis, housekeeper 106 N Kentucky Avenue. Home 2012 N

>From the 1935-36 Roswell City Directory: Neither one of them are listed.
Anna, I have viewed the listing for South Park. E.B. is not listed but I wonder if he really is there but without a tombstone? I did check with Ballard funeral home and they have no listing. However, Dorothy married two more times and she is buried there under the name of Clark.
I am now wondering if Eunice B. actually died? Could they have divorced? If you should be at your courthouse, could you please check on this? Perhaps her marriage application to her next husband - Shorty Langley - might reveal if she was divorced or widowed.
Thank you for anything you might do to help me.

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Subject: Re: [NMCHAVES] Live in Roswell?
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I would have to check to see if the house is still standing. I believe the
school would have been Missouri Avenue, and the oldest funeral home we have
is Ballard on South Main. I am not sure if it was the only one, but believe
it was. The only cemetery Roswell had at that time was South Park Cemetery
on South Main. I don't have access right now to a city directory, but could
probably locate one at the library. It may take me a few days to be able to
get there to do it. Where did you find my name to ask me about this? Don't
get me wrong. I am happy to do it, just haven't been asked before. I have
done lookups for people asking about cattle brands, as I am a volunteer on
the website to do that. Anna

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> If you live in Roswell, I would like to correspond with you. I am
> searching
> for Mr. Eunice Barney LEWIS who owned a home at 306 W. Mathews in Roswell
> in
> 1930. Is the home still standing? What grade school would be the most
> likely for his two step-daughters - Oma & Loma Goddard?: What funeral
> home
> or cemetery would have been located closest to his house? Does he appear
> in
> the City Directory from 1930-1935? I
> Trying very hard to ascertain the date of death and place of burial.
> Thanks!
> Jackie
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