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From: NHofland <>
Subject: Leikanger Names
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 17:07:15 EST

Gard/Place/Surnames Used in Inner Sogn

There are 9 kommunes/districts in the Inner Sogn area of the Sognefjord.
They are: Aurland, Balestrand, Hyanger, Leikanger, Luster, Lrdal, Sogndal,
Vik, and rdal.

Leikanger kommune dates from 1837. The Balestrand area became a kommune of
its own right in 1849. The villages Fresvik and Feios (at the south side of
the Sognefjord) were transferred to Vik kommune in 1992. Eight farms were at
the same date transferred to Lrdal kommune.

The gard and place names of the Leikanger kommune are listed below. Several
of the names appear in more than one kommune and exist in other kommunes of
Norway as well. Many immigrants adopted these gard or place names as surnames
in America. The exact spelling of these names changed over time in Norway and
were "Americanized" by the immigrants to overcome the missing 3 vowels or to
make them more pronounceable to non-Norwegian speakers.

The following lists contain a spelling of the names used in the 1880's,
followed by variant spellings used in Norway and America in no particular
order. Some of the spellings are guesses at Americanization and other
spellings also probably exist.

If you see a name that looks interesting to you email Oddvar Natvik at
for further information. List the people you are looking
for and dates. Oddvar is at the Emigration Archives of Sogn and Fjordane and
they have most of the emigrants from Inner Sogn in a database that is
accessible online at

Leikanger Names

Bakken, Bakke
Dalen, Dale
Eitorn, Eitun
Eitorngjerdet, Eitungjerdet
Engester, Engesaeter, Engesather
Fosse, Foss
Gjerde, Jerde
Haalen, Holen
Hamre (2)
Holum, Houglum
Huseb, Husebo, Husboe
Kvaalen, Kvalen
Njs, Njos
Nyb, Nybo, Nyboe
Prstegaard, Prestegard
Rud, Rd, Rod
Risum, Roisum
Suppeim, Suphammer

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