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From: KRokala <>
Subject: Gram's blood recipes
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 02:14:14 EDT

Subj: My Grandma's Blood Recipes were sent to me by my mother after she read
the recipes I copied for her off this list. Please forgive me if this
duplicates something you have. I just got a grin on my face when I thought of
washing dead pig ears. Some things were simpler in Grandma's era, but cooking
wasn't one of them! Karen :-)

My Mom's letter: (please overlook wrong spelling of Norwegian words.)
"Yes, I remember blood poise or klub. I have these recipes that your Grandma
gave to me in l970. She died May 14, l977.

When we lived on the farm butchering was done in the fall for food for the
winter time, and they tried to use as much of the pig as was possible . Klub,
puolse and sylte were made with fresh pig blood and stock liquid was made from
boiling the pig head. When we moved to the city, your Grandma would order the
blood from the butcher. It had to be very fresh.

To prepare the head for cooking, cut out the brain, eyes, and snoot. Scrub
ears very well. The outside skin should be scraped after hot water is pour on
to remove the hair.

Put water in pot to cover the head and boil until tender. Then carefully cut
cheek flesh for sylte Put skin side down of one cheek. Cover with hot lean
pork trimmings. Season before assembling meat. Use ginger, allspice, salt
and pepper. Cover with the other hot piece of cheek flesh . Tie both pieces
of cheek flesh and filling together. Return whole piece of meat to the stock
and heat through. Take out of stock and press. (I remember it setting on a
plate with bricks piled on top of it.) Cool and slice for sandwiches/use as
cold cuts.

Vegetable soup or puolse (spelling?)
The stock is also used for vegetable soup or for puolse.
Method: You must have blood drawn from the animal (pig) just after it is
killed. This blood must be stirred constantly until cold. At this time use
the stock from the boiled pig head and cook with coarse pearl barley till
tender . Seasoned with salt and pepper. Then add the blood while the mixture
is hot, stirring all the while so it doesn't clot. Now it is ready to eat!
Pieces can be heated when it is served. Add water as needed to keep moist.

Klub is prepared as follows:
Mix fresh blood with flour and salt to taste - about one quart of blood to
6 cups of flour. Mix to a dough as for dumplings. Form into large ball
making a indentation. Then push finely cut pork fat into the center and seal.
Cook in water or stock for one hour. Drain and the klub is ready to eat with
salt and pepper. The left over pieces of klub can be served later by cutting
in slices as for frying potatoes. Put in a skillet and add a little water
cover to heat. Eat with salt and pepper or sprinkle with sugar."

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