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From: "Roberta Thrugstad" <>
Subject: Nannestad, Akershus questions
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 17:16:00 -0800

Hello again to everyone,

I've been off the list for several months, but busy with research. Had
computer problems and finally gave up, upgraded the thing, loaded windows
98, reloaded all my software, and finally I am back online.

I think I had some success in my Norwegian research when I found the birth
record of my husband’s gr grandfather. But, you know how that goes, you
find one thing and all of a sudden you question everything else you thought
you knew for sure. Something like one step forward and two steps back. I
will try ask just a couple now though.

The area of Norway where these ancestors came from was Nannestad in
Akershus. I have been reading the Nannestad parish records (film number
123-356 at the FHL) looking for the birth of great grandfather, Henrick
Thorsen. I found a record with a birth date of 14 June, 1817…(christened 22
June) the father was shown as Thorer Borgersen of Hauge, the mother Marthe
Poulsdatter (not sure of the surname of the mother). Our other information
shows Hendrick born 14 Jul 1814, this is from a family Bible of Edward
Thrugstad his son, probably quite some time after the fact.

I have the marriage information on Henrick/Hendrick Thorersen the son of
Thor Borgersen of Hagaerie Loken, and Ann Maria Larsdatter as married 27 Dec
1853. His age at the time of the marriage was 33. He was a widower.

The account in the Nannestad Bygdebok II, Gardshistorie for Holter Sokn,
lists the family leaving in 1861 from Trugstadeiet farm, Nannestad,
Akershus. They were Henrik Toreson, age 42, g.m. Maria Larsdatter, age 36,
barn: Martin age 9, Christian age 6, Edvard age 3.

This family came to Fillmore County, MN. Hendrick died in 1866, his wife
in 1867. Children were raised by a half brother. Newspapers are missing
for the period of time for the death of both of them. We do find the
children in some of the Union Prairie church records. But the church
records don't have the death or burial information except the year of birth
and year of death that is on the headstone.

Enough background. The first question is, are all these records probably
for the same (Henrick/Hendrick/Henrik Thorersen/Toresen) person?
Mathematically it doesn't quite work, but reading old records??

Second question: Is Hauge farm probably the same as Hagaerie farm? Is
Trøgstad farm in Nannestad parish the same as Trugstadeiet farm mentioned in
the Bygdebok?

That is all the questions for tonight. Sorry this got so long, just don’t
know how to condense my confusion. I am hopeful someone on this wonderful
list can help me sort this out.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Please put my name on the list for Lou's address.

Bobbi in Apple Valley, CA

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