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From: "Cliff Lien" <>
Subject: Tobias Larsen Tunheim - Time, Rogaland
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 11:13:36 -0600

I'm looking for the ancestors of Tobias Larsen Tunheim....

I had an off-list contact that has sparked my interest in the Jonas Tobiasen
Tunheim that married my Grandmother's sister.
This is from my maternal Anglo-Danish-Injun-French-Scottish side :-))

Jonas was born 5 Sep 1899, in Time, Rogaland, the son of:

Tobias Larsen, b. 22 Jan 1867 in Varhaug, Rogaland and
Anne Justina Tønnesdatter Sørskoug, b. 15 Sep 1869 in Ogna sogn, Egersund,

See Jonas at Tunheim in Time in 1900 here:

It's the parents (and siblings?) of Tobias that are giving me problems.

The above birthdate comes from an extracted record, batch #C420271 for
which show Tobias' parents as Lars Abrahamsen and Elisabeth Pedersdatter.

A submitted record gives Tobias' christening as 07 Feb 1867 in Bjerkreim and
his death as 05 Jan 1946.
Here the parents are Lars Abrahamsen Rangen and Elisabet Petersdr. Heigrstad
It further gives his marriage to Anna Justina Sorskog as 04 Aug 1897 in
It is one of those very "good looking" submissions, probably has a primary

I can't find a suitable Lars and/or Elisabeth in the 1865 census.
Nor can I find any marriage or ancestors.

So you guys do it while I go make you all a chickweed salad :-))

Cliff Lien
Alberta, Canada

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