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From: "Gene Nygaard" <>
Subject: Re: Larsen/Akre ancestors
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 23:16:48 -0500
References: <>

> Jim,
> If you go to
> click on gnr. 15 Åkra. I did not manage to download the pdf file with
> all the persons on the farm over the years. You might have better luck
> if you are on DSL.
> Odd

Jim should find his family on bruksnr. 134 on Åkra, parents Simon Martin
Larsen Akre and Gjertrud Serine Gudmundsdtr Munkejord. According to the
information I have, Jim's grandfather was born in the USA. Simon Martin and
Gjertrud Serine came to America in Apr 1886 (also had an 1884 emigration
date for Gjertrud Serine, didn't record my source). But then after 3
children were born in USA, Simon Martin and Gjertrud Serine returned to
Norway where there last two children were born (they were on Åkra in the
1900 census). Lars went to Norway with them, then returned later to America
already a U.S. citizen by birth. But that information about Simon Martin
and family being in America is not included in the file updating the
bygdebok at the link above--and naturally, I haven't recorded my source of
that information. Perhaps there is something about it in the printed

Here is the family in the 1900 census, confirming that the first three
children were born in Amerika, parents listed as Martin Larsen and Gjertrud
S. Gudmundsd

Gene Nygaard

> wrote:
> > My Grandfather changed his name from Larsen to Akre. I believe after
> > Island. He came from Norway sometime late 1800s or early 1900. He was
> > Oct 14, 1888. I have a post card passed down that shows (with an x) the
> > he lived at in a township called Akkreham on the island of Karmoy just
north of
> > Stavengar. If anyone has info on the Larsens from that area of Norway I
> > would appreciate the help. His first name was Lars, and I believe he
had a
> > sister named Marie and a brother named Gunvoldt.

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