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Subject: [NOR] Niels Nielson Granum, b 1808 Etnedalen,SorAurdal,Oppland
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 20:48:51 EST

I am really out of my element on this one. He married a Babro Knutsdtr
sometime around 1829. I have found 5 kids in the IGI:

!. Nils Nilson Flogei, b. 1831, married Marte Bottolfsdtr Huskopp from
Nordsini, Nordre Land, Oppland. Lived at Stutlien in Valdres.
a. Nikoline Nilsdtr, b. abt 1855. Family says she went to Black River
Falls, Jackson, WI
b. Kristine Nilsdtr, b. abt 1858--I have nothing more on her.
c. Bottolf Nilson, b. abt 1861, married in Portland, Traill Co, ND to
Gertrud Evanson, b. abt 1870 in Etnedalen, Valdres, dtr of Erik Evenson & Kari
d. Nils Nilson Studlien, b. 1 Mar 1869 at Stutlien in Etnedalen, married
abt 1899, Portland, Traill, ND to Elise Evenson, sister of Gertrude Evanson.
There may be more kids that belong to this family, but these are all I
have so far.

2. Ragnhild Nilsdtr Granum, bp. 8 Dec 1833, Sor Aurdal (from the IGi)
3. Anne Nilsdtr Granum, bp. 18 Sep 1836 (from the IGI)
3. Knut Nilson Granum, bp. 27 Oct 1839, again the IGI
4. Anders Nilson Norsteboen, b. 14 Nov 1841, married Sigrid Andersdtr
Stamperstuen of Etnedalen and moved to Norsteboen in Nordsinni, Nordre Land
They had 10 kids, 3 of whom emigrated, two to Portland, Traill, ND
a. Kristian Anderson Norsteboen, b. 1878, emigrated 1904
b. Anders Anderson Norsteboen, b. 1881, em. abt 1904
c. Martin Anderson Norstebon, b. 1890 em. abt 1904 married Emma Helene
Mikkelsdtr Nordgaarden whose family came from Mo in Telemark. Settled in
OtterTail County, MN

Here's where I am stuck. This family has a strong tradition that Nils
Nilson, the one born in 1808, emigrated in 1853, leaving his small children in
Norway, farming them out with various relatives. The intention was that he would
get established in America and then send for them. As it happened they stayed
in Norway, but some of their grandchildren emigrated. Nils Nilson
supposedly served in the Civil War and won the Distinguised Service Medal. This part
stretches my credulity. How many men in their fifties served in the Civil
War? I have searched the Vesterheim Civil War rosters and have not been able to
locate him there. Nor have I found him on the 1860 census in America.
There's a Nils Granei in Scandinavia, Wisconsin, but I have been informed that the
book, "From IndianLand" identifies him as a Nils Larson from somewhere in

Sorry for the length of this. Any Valdres experts who can help here? Or any
Civil War experts. And how about you Traill County folk. Any of this ring
any bells with you?

Huge rewards for any assistance. How about my recipe for fattigmand?

Mary Farrell

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