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Subject: [Bklyn] Brooklyn Daily Standard Union 8/29/1912
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 20:02:58 EDT

Brooklyn Daily Standard Union
August 29 1912


Emma KOHLMEIER..Died Aug 10, last, and by will of Feb. 3, 1912. Leaves
$30,000 real estate and $2,000 personal property. Each of the following to
receive three parts: William KOHLMEIER, husband, 318 South First Street;
Charlotte SINDERGELT, Daughter, 336 South Fifth Street; Son same address;
Minetta CANDIDUS, daughter, 310 Arlington Avenue; Albert KOHLMEIER,a
daughter 318 South First Street; Emmarita KOLMEIER, daughter, same address;
Frederick KOHLMEIER, JR., OF 329 South First Street.

Gustav HENKER..Died Aug. 6, Last, and by will of October 15, 1903. Leaves an
estate of $5,000 to his widow, Agnes HENKER, of 7217 Third Avenue.

Fannie E. BROWN..Died May 11, last., by will of March 4, 1911, she leaves an
unknown estate to her husband George R. BROWN, of 139 DeKalb Avenue.

Peter SCONLEY..Who died June 29, by will of April 2, 1910. Leaves $20,000
real estate and $2,800 personal property to be divided share and share alike
among children: Ambrose SCONLEY, of 755 Macon Street: Thomas K. SCONLEY, of
375 Central Avenue: and Johanna CURRAN, of 1203 Sterling place.

Elizabeth PINKERTON..by will of Dec. 29, 1908, leaves all estate of unknown
value to a son, Dr. Samuel H. PINKERTON, of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Isaac GOTTACHE.. By will of Jan 19, 1912, leaves daughter,Stella. No schedule

Geraldine Ryerson K

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