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Subject: [Bklyn] Brooklyn Union-Argus April 7, 1882
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 13:37:08 EST

Brooklyn Union-Argus
April 7, 1882

A Carpet Beat.

Chas. SWAN, of 458 Flushing avenue, is doing business in the carpet beating
line these days, and yesterday he tool on an assistant named Thomas ANGIUM.
They got a finr Brussels from Mrs. PARKER, of 323 Bedford avenue, and packing
it in a wheelbarrow, proceeded to the lots where the beating was to be done.
On the way SWAN went into a store on Myrtle avenue for tobacco, and while he
was there his faithful servitor made off with the barrow and Brussels. He
was captured by the police while attempting to sell the articles to a Mrs.
Cohn, of 494 Broadway for $5.

Two More Boys Victimized.

Henry and Arthur METZ, aged respectively 9 and 8 years, and living at No.
43 Canton street, were last night victimized by the man who sends boys on
errands, keeps their coats as surety for their return, and then makes off
with them.

Look Out For Him.

Mr. John C. COOK, of No. 691 Willoughby avenue, warns charitable people and
societies to beware of one Charles BASSON, who has been victimizing people of
late on the strength of a letter surreptitiously obtained from Mr. COOK.

A Fatal Fall.

Valentine REILLY, a fireman on the new steamship Belgravia of the Anchor
Line, who lives in Glasgow, last night visited John MCDONOUGH, his cousin, at
the latter's residence, No. 481 Hicks street. After drinking a quantity of
beer the men retired, REILLY "turning in" on the lounge. In less than an
hour MCDONOUGH was awakened by a lous noise and found that REILLY had fallen
from the window to the ground. An ambulance surgeon was call, but before he
arrived REILLY was dead.

Firemen Disciplined.

Fire Commissioner PARTRIDGE has discharged W. H. SEMLEAR, foreman of Engine
Company No. 18, for being absent without leave. SEMLEAR went to Philadelphia
and claimed he had received leave of absence. William CUNNINGHAM, engineer
of the same company, who was also on the Philadelphia trip, was fined ten
days' pay. The Commissioner has appointed Thomas WHITFORD, a former
Superintendent of the Kerosene Bureau, as foreman of engine No. 18.

Struck by a Playmate.

Wm. FARRELL and Joseph HOLLINGSWORTH, South Brooklyn lads, quarreled in
Third street yesterday, and the former was struck on the head with a base
ball bat by Hollingsworth and severely hurt.

Fell Into a Cellar.

Daniel HART, of No.339 Sackett street, fell into the cellar under Thomas T.
BROWN's drug store, No. 294 Court street, last night, and was severely
injured about the head.


The Terrible Fall of a Sugar Refinery Laborer.

About six o'clock last evening, as Ed C. LAMBERT, a laborer in Havemeyer &
Eider's sugar refinery, was lowering sugar from the third floor he slipped
and fell backward through the open hatchway, to the first floor, and was
taken up insensible. His injuries were found, upon medical investigation, to
consist of concussion of the brain and a possible fracture of the skull, in
addition to numerous minor bruises. He was taken to St. Catherine's Hospital.

Stole Billiard Balls.

J. HOOD, a tamp, stole three billiard balls worth $15 from Wendling KENN's
saloon, 122 Fourth street. Justice NAEHER sentenced him to tend days'

Missing Man.

John BOVEE, a one-armed man, aged 43, has been missing since March 18 from
his home, 561 Broadway.

to be cont'd..............
transcribed by Judy Buckney

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