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Subject: Re: [Bklyn] American derivations of German Names
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Maybe one of these sites will help you. You may have to use a map to plot your ancestor's address with the addresses of the churches.

- Kathy Tate Anderson

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Subject: [Bklyn] American derivations of German Names

Dear List,

I know from experience already that sometimes German given names are later changed to their American derivations, many times after the person got to the USA. My one example is Carl changing to Charles which happened to my husband's ggrandparent's first son.

Also, would anyone know if the German name Ludwig would or might be changed to Louis? I suppose this could also have also been a mistake in taking down and transcribing the name on the birth certificate. I already had one ancestor Louis SPONHEIMER born in 1872 (this was a guestimate from info taken off his death cert.) In looking up other lost SPONHEIMERs in that family I found a Ludwig with a date of 10/28/71. I knew that there were ten children and only for sure have 5 or 6 names and so have been trying to put the puzzle together. Wondering if they were the same,different people or twins. I sent away for Ludwig's BC and we will see if that gives any information. Hope it at least gives the last names of the parents, and not just John and Lena like in the index.

Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.

Blessings to all,


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