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Subject: [Bklyn] Wellwood Cemetery/ Has anyone here ever ordered a death certificate?
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 21:22:36 EST

On 1/18/04 (6:47:35 PM MST), in a reply to an earlier posting by ????? (
), Kathy Tate Anderson () wrote,

"Are you speaking of the Pinelawn Nat'l Cemetery on Wellwood Ave. in
Pinelawn, NY? Have you checked any films at a FHC for a death cert. number?"

There are two issues here: the cemetery and the death certificate.

1. The cemetery:
Long Island National Cemetery
2040 Wellwood Avenue
East Farmingdale (Farmingdale P.O.), NY 11735

tel: 631/454-4949
fax: 631/694-5422

eMail: (This eMail may no longer be current. If you
obtain a more current eMail, please forward same to me.)


While the cemetery has a "Farmingdale, NY" mailing address, it's not in the
Village of Farmingdale in the Town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County; rather, it's
in the Hamlet of East Farmingdale in the Town of Babylon, Suffolk County.

2. The death certificate:
That depends on where the death occurred, and this most likely occurred in a
different community from the last residence as well as the community in which
the cemetery is located.

The collection of Vital Records in New York State begin in 1881, and are
required to be kept by the city or town, as the case may be, in which the event
(birth, death, marriage) occurred and by the state (Albany).

Some of the larger villages do maintain these records, but not all villages
do as they may voluntarily waive their right to do so and make it a
responsibility of the town(s) in which the village is (are) in. If the place where the
event occurred is in a village, the Town Clerk will tell you if the village or
the town maintains the record.

I hope this information is useful or, at least, interesting.

Walter Greenspan

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