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" The first Social Security card was issued 1 December 1936 and on 1
January 1937, U.S. workers began acquiring "credits" toward old-age
benefits. About 35 million numbers were assigned to workers who
qualified at that time."
The above quote came from http://www.rootsweb.com/~rwguide/lesson10.htm
which is a site full of information regarding social security and worth
checking out.

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Social Security didn't start until about 1934. Therefore their would be

no record for your greatgrandfather.


Tony V Williams wrote:

>How far back can you go on SSN#'s? My Great Grandfather was born in
>and died in 1918, would he have applied for one? I have hit a brick
>with him. William McKinley b.Nov 1, 1873 d. Oct. 25, 1918 married to
>Margaret Sullivan Schick. Thanks for any help.
>Shannon W. in TX
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