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Subject: Re: Slow list?
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 04:05:32 -0500
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Hi Mary,

Both my friend, Bob, and I have gone through similar situations, and I know
that you must be under a lot of stress.

I can make one small suggestion. You can go to an office-supply store and
buy bundles of what they call "bankers boxes." They come about 10 to
a bundle and are sold flat, so you have to "fold" them into a box when you
get home. They are white with a place on the end for you to write what
is inside each box. They are a workable size - meant to hold about one
"file cabinet size drawer." (Thus they are meant for manila folders.)
And, they come with a cover (and handle openings). So, you can stack the
boxes up 3 or 4 high.

(These are not the brown-colored "moving boxes" which they also sell.)

In some cases I have one "bankers box" for each surname; in other cases I
have a group of related surnames. If the box I want access to is at the
bottom of the pile, it's not a problem to lift each box down to the floor,
until you get the one you want.

Another "helpful hint" is to print out every e-mail you receive which is
even semi-important to your genealogy. I've had serious computer problems
at least twice in four years, and I just don't trust my computer anymore.
(It means more money spent on copy paper and ink cartridges, but it is worth

(And, if anyone else has lost e-mails from any kind of computer problem,
don't forget you can go to the archives of the Lists and Boards you
participate on - and do a search for your surname or placename.)

We might be moving within the next two months also, but all I will need to
do is to put a little tape on my genealogy bankers boxes ... and off to the
new home they'll go ! Except .. that I'll need to go buy more bankers
boxes .. for my "to be filed" pile of papers and my "genealogy things to do"
pile of papers.

Another suggestion for "quiet times" on the List .. is to go through your
"genealogy to do list" and see if there's something there .. which you just
haven't had time for !

Enjoy your November week !

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

P.S. For my sons' family tree, I am interested in the FREDERICKS /
BESTERMAN and McCARTHY / _____ families in the early 1900's.
(They had mostly left Brooklyn by the 1960's.)

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Subject: Slow list?

> Hello all,
> Yes, I'm lurking too.
> I've asked for ed's from the Great Mike Mattes and gotten answers right
> away.
> I've also asked about funeral home records in Brooklyn, and have gotten NO
> responses.
> I've FOUND a German connection to a town in Germany. Finally! And I need
> pursue that.
> I've FOUND a connection to my Polish side. Found, I THINK, a connection
> which links families in Pennsylvania to my great-grandfather. Which makes
> think I've also found names of my great-great grandparents. Need to write
> that letter to Polish parish.
> I'm trying to sort my papers. Yes, I do have lots to do. I'm living in my
> mom's home-she just passed in June. Cannot buy out siblings, so I need to
> move. Somewhere? Lots to do. Packing is a horror.
> So I need to weed the papers I have too.
> But, I love this list. Just hang in there.
> You'll have those walls breaking down too!
> Mary Zatorski
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