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That is incredible!!!
Yes, anything can happen!
- Kathy Tate Anderson
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Hi Folks
IBear with me as I tell you a story with a point, being, be prepared
and expect anything can happen.
On my first trip to Germany on a roots search I stayed with a third
cousin. (How that occurred is another story). Anyway, when we went downstairs to
breakfast, I asked him about a rural picture on the wall. He moved his arm
and snapped his finger, Gosh, I forgot to tell you! That's your grandfathers
farm! I was stunned. Apparently an itinerant photographer must have taken it
while thay were harvesting, and my Gf sent it back, I think, to show how well he
did, and it stayed on the wall through the generations. This farm extended from
New Utrecht Ave to 22 Avenue toward Coney Island. This was my first glimpse
of my Gm.
So you see, you never know what will happen in genealogy.
Ken Leib

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