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From: Bobbie Selub <>
Subject: Re: [Bklyn] Remember
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 23:05:23 -0700
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Yes, I do remember Horn and Hardart - My favorite lunch was spinesh,
squash and massed potatoes. Also, liked their mac and cheese.
As for the Good Humor ice cream (wagon). Always waited on our corner
for us kids.
Manny walked quite a bit then.
Also, do you remember the truck that used to come around with a ferris
wheel on it.
(2 cents) That is what is cost.

Roberta in Colorado

On Mar 16, 2005, at 4:34 PM, Barbara Kiersh wrote:

> Here's some more I remembers: the Good Humor ice cream truck in the
> summer time, fire flies (we'd collect them in jars and shake them up to
> see them glow, Horn and Hardart's (I loved putting my nickels into the
> slots and then opening up the little doors). My favorite foods were
> their chicken pot pie and for dessert lemon meringue. And speaking of
> Horn and Hardart's, their sticky buns were the best. My late husband,
> a
> Brooklyn native, would pronounce the word idea with an "r" as in idear
> -
> I got a good idear. My aunt also used to say earl for oil and terlet
> for toilet. I think that it was supposed to be more refined.
> Barbara in Jacksonville
>>>> "Pat Saemmer" <> 03/16/05 6:25 PM >>>
> My Publix supermarket here in Florida makes the black and white cookie
> just like the one when we were young. They make them in the bakery
> dept.
> but they don't taste the same, I think it is the chemicals they use
> now.......Pat
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