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From: Gladys Jensen <>
Subject: Remember
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 09:59:09 -0700

Donna and Kathleen and many others have all expressed my feeling about
this thread. I am writing what I call MY STORY - and I had forgotten
many of the things you have all mentioned - the things we ate - places
we went etc. Now I am going to re-write a big portion of my story and
add all these memories I had forgotten about. I thank you for that
and hope this thread goes on quite a while longer.

Someone mentioned the pronunciation of store as staw. Now I remember
something else - we always dropped the "r" in words like that. Also -
come to think of it - we must have dropped some "l"s along the way such
as in wawk (walk). We certainly slurred our words - but that sure made
for fun when you went to a place like Colorado.

When I was a little girl I used to go for wawks with my Daddy and he
would buy me a black and white soda (his favorite) and maybe even some
candy cawn (corn). Just realized we didn't say go "for" a wawk - the
"i" was dropped in for too.

This is so wonderful - thinking of these things I haven't thought of in

My best to all -


Gladys Jensen
In Colorful Colorado

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