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I lucked out - On Saturday's, we usually went to the movies (free) -
The butchers kid and his brother had free passes (for 4 people) - so he
always took me and my brother. We were the same age as were our

On Mar 18, 2005, at 6:47 PM, Mary Davis wrote:

> I just realized in all of these wonderful stories no one has mentioned
> - walk away sundaes. They sold them in the candy store at the end of
> our block. I even "worked" there and on Sunday that was my "pay". How
> about Doll hospitals? There was one on Myrtle Avenue near 65th street
> next to the movie theater. My best girlfriend and I went there most
> Saturdays and would pay 10cents to see the feature film, newsreels and
> cartoons. If it was a scary movie we would sit through it twice. When
> we watched them for the second time, if there were cute boys near us,
> we would pretend that we were scared to get there attention. (funny I
> don't remember any of them paying any attention to us) How about the
> wooden "el" trains. On our way to All Saints and St. Joseph's my
> sister and I would wait for the wooden trains instead of riding on the
> newer ones.
> Mary in NC
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