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Subject: Re: NYBROOKLYN-D Digest V05 #123 Army Service Record
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 07:24:53 -0800 (PST)
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Since you don't give a lot of information in your
original request I have done a list of the first 10
names from the Civl War index. If you can give some
more information I will be glad to do a search for
C. L. Raulet D 22 New Jersey Infantry. Private
Private Union
A. Rault C 207 Pennsylvania Inf. Private Union

Joseph Rault 3 Regiment European Brigade (Garde
Francaise), Louisiana Militia. Confederate
Benjamin F. Rawalt G 8 Minnesota Infantry.
Corporal Corporal Union
Enoch Rawalt F 8 Illinois Cavalry. Private
Private Union
J. J. Rawalt 25 Illinois Infantry. Private
Private Union
John Rawalt I 51 Illinois Infantry. Private
Private Union
Jonas Rawalt F 7 Illinois Cavalry. Major Major
Anthony Rawlett I 5 U. S. C. I. Sergeant Union

James S. Rawlett I 9 Virginia Cavalry. Private
Private Confederate
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> NYBROOKLYN-D DigestVolume 05 : Issue 123

> #21 Army service record [janet
> henriksen <.]

> From: janet henriksen <>
> To:
> Subject: Army service record
> I have a ancestor who received his naturalization in
> 1874 because of his
> service in the Army. He may have served in the Civil
> War. The problem is
> when I sent for his service record they could not
> find it. How can I find
> which Company he served with? Is there a state
> index? His name was Rohwold
> and could have been misspelled. Very uncommon name.
> Janet

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