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Too funny! It was sweet of you to respect what was important to others, and
not want to cause them any distress. But, your solution was hysterical!!


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> I absolutely remember Garfields and one of my all-time favorite
> experiences
> happened there. I used to go to Garfields and to the zoo every Sunday
> with
> my father, his best friend and his friend's children. We moved out of
> Brooklyn when I was six so the incident that I am about to relate happened
> when I
> was four or five. I had the same breakfast every Sunday - ham,
> homefries, and
> a sunny side up egg with piles of ketchup. I knew that my father and I
> were
> the only ones in my mother's family that ate ham as Jewish dietary laws
> for
> the observant forbid this. I was wearing a dress as was customary in the
> early 1940's. My mother's brother walked in to Garfields. The others at
> our
> table were somewhere else. My father got up to greet my uncle and invite
> him to
> sit with us. The only way that I knew to get rid of the ham, although I
> was
> never told to keep my eating it a secret, was to sit on it. The ham,
> eggs,
> potatoes and ketchup obviously got all over me. No one knew that I was
> sitting on my plate. I guess they thought the waiter had taken it. I
> refused to
> leave when we were finished and I was discovered. Yes, I remember
> Garfields.
> Marcia in Baltimore
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> writes:
> Does anyone remember Dubrows cafeteria on Kings Highway or Garfield's
> Cafeteria on Flatbush and church avenue. When I was a kid I used to love
> going
> there because it was cafeteria style and you picked your own food.
> Michael
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