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From: Joy Rich <>
Subject: Re: [BKLYN] NYG&B
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 13:33:24 -0700 (PDT)

P.S. I asked the original poster for permission to post this and she said yes.


Joy Rich <> wrote:
I saw this posted on the NYC-Roots list.



Dee Snook <> wrote:
I'm sure that many of you either belong to the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society or have used their resources during your years of research. Those of you who are members will not longer be members if the board has its say at the next meeting.

I am voting against this attempt at a takeover by the board at the July meeting for the following reason. In reading all the changes in the by laws, some of which are probably needed, I find that as a dues paying member and one who also donates each year, I am no longer needed. No longer will I be able to vote for the people who will be running the society. They will appoint or elect their cohorts, themselves. I'm sure they will not be looking for people who have ideas opposite of the ones they have. Every organization needs a catalyst or it will end up being a group of "yes-men".

The sale of the building was over and done with in a short period of time. I know the votes were over 1000 to about 34. That shows you how little people actually look into their society. This, too, will probably pass with an overwhelming majority. However, dissent is good. It keeps people from "yessing" everything that is presented.

This society, I believe, is the second oldest in the country. Now I am afraid that it will go out of existance. How many people will be letting their memberships lapse at the end of this year? Of the several people I know who are members here in the Phoenix area, one is already planning to drop her membership if this passes.

The sad part about losing the library, if it comes to that is that the library not only houses the collection, it does more than that. The NYG&B has published several books, many of which our local genealogical library has purchased. If the library hadn't begun sponsoring the workshops eight years ago, I never would have had the opportunity to come to New York City to do research. I was fortunate enough to attend three workshops. Due to the fact that I live in Arizona, I have not been able to take advantage of the lectures and tours that are sponsored by the library, but I'm sure many of you have. This will all be lost if the library collection is sold or donated to another venue.

I am upset that the financials for 2005 are still on the website. The fiscal year ended in December. Where are the 2006 financials? Does it take 6 months to post them? An email to the library asking about them has brought no response. With the investment market on the rise for the last few years, why have the library's investments decreased so drastically?

Those of you who have yet to send in your proxy vote, please, please read the articles on the website before you make your X on your ballot. If you think it's right, then vote that way. If not, at least stand up and be counted.

Dee Snook
Phoenix, AZ

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