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Subject: [BKLYN] from your administrator
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 07:05:42 EDT

Dear Listers

It's been so long since I started this list that I sometimes forget that
there are those who aren't with us as long and as such I need to remind
everyone the basics of the list.

This list was created back in 1997. It was created for everyone. This list
has been successful and is known for it's kindness and knowledgeable
people. We do not tolerate bias, inconsideration or rudeness to the list members.

No. 1... and there is ONLY one No. 1.
This list is for all! NO ONE and I mean absolutely NO ONE will feel
embarrassed or shamed because they misspelled a word or asked a question they did
not know the answer to. NO ONE will be ridiculed for giving an answer
they thought may be right. Sometimes a guess is as good as a direction to
start when one is lost.

This list was created under the idea that every question is important and
we cannot survive without each others input. We have many members who are
very knowledgeable and I encourage everyone to help each other. There is
no such thing as "HOGGING THE LIST" Do NOT flame others on list or off if
your intimidated by someone's knowledge. You may know the answer and it
may have been asked a hundred times, BUT it still deserves an answer. One
question may bring 50 people to respond. That's called opening a thread. It's
how a list picks up a thought and everyone runs with it. You'd be
surprised at how one little thread could bring another to open a thought and BAM
a searcher finds their answer. There's nothing wrong with multiple answers
to a question.

On a personal note, I'm a lousy typist, I misspell all the time.
A misspelled surname can be crucial but an ordinary word? Come on, It's
trivial. Let's move on.
Misspellings occur. We all do it. I have embarrassed myself so many
times, we all have had a good laugh over it.
Especially the time, I suggested reading a book "As you Pass by" only I
wrote, "Ass you pass by."
The best gift one can give themselves is the gift of humor.

These are the guidelines I ask (and they are few)

EVERYONE will be encouraged to ask questions, no matter how trivial or
repetitious they seem to
"advanced researchers."

3/4's of the Brooklyn web site is from participation. Whether it be those
who offered their knowledge, direction, or transcribing! Sometimes a
'guess' starts a train of thought and before you know it, you found the door you
were looking for.

NEVER flame, ridicule or embarrass a list member on list or off. Personal
ridicule is just as hurtful whether on or off list. I will tolerate so
much and then there's the 'Reject' button. Automatic dismissal from the list!

Please do not use caps unless you are referring to a surname.
(There are some on the list who need to use capitals, because of eye
problems, you may want to include something like, "Apologize for the caps, eye

Personal mail belongs personal and off list, unless it benefits all or
your using it to attack someone off list but because of the list.

That's it! Simple rules, HUGE results. Ask, participate, enjoy.


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