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Subject: [BKLYN] from your administrator.
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 08:59:23 EDT

Dear List

As many of you know it's been an emotional year for me with my Mother's
passing. It's coming up on a year all ready. While I let a lot slip by
please know I have not slipped in my duties as this list administrator.

A clarification on my last post. Anytime you are harassed by a subscriber
OFF list I would like to know about it. I've had an email from a
subscriber who is being attacked in their private email and because of the verbal
attacks they are thinking of leaving the list. This affects me personally
and it effects you. When good people offer help and are abused because of
it counteracts what we are trying to do here.

The lose of one subscriber could be the one person who holds the key to
breaking down your wall. There is absolutely NO reason to attack someone for
offering an opinion or knowledge. Information sparring is good. Private
abuse is not. It will NOT be tolerated.

Consider the following before you open an email to attack someone:

NO ONE will attack another ON or OFF list. It will be reason for
rejection to the list. I will give one warning and then your off. You can change
your email and resub but know I will find you and reject that name too.
There are too many good many on this list to let one individual ruin the
reputation and good feelings we create.


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