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Subject: Re: [BKLYN] Name changes,signs and things that go bump in the night.
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God Bless you Nancy...Congratulations ... your Mom sure 'spoiled' her little girl this time! You asked for a trinket and got the whole jewelry store!


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>Subject: [BKLYN] Name changes, signs and things that go bump in the night.
>Dear List
>A thread was started a bit ago about names changes and nicknames. I have
>a story to tell.
>Please put up with me, it's a good story!
>I've been searching all my life it seems (even as a little girl) to
>answers to the question of where I came from. My Mother had no memory of when
>she was little causing Nancy Drew over here to go into action and solve her
>On her maternal side I found answers, after many car tips and a fortune of
>my husband's hard earned cash.
>But paternal side was a dead end (no pun intended) after finding my great
>grandparents. I felt I could find no more. No town, no birthplace, only a
>few stories and a general idea of Baden, Germany.
>So here's the OOOOOOH part.
>I'm a fairly religious person in my heart. Not the go to church every
>Sunday or rot in hell kind of Catholic but my Mom taught us enough and
>catechism did the rest, that in my heart is stamped my religious views. My Mother
>on the other hand was brought up with fire and brimstone. Only 2 choices.
>Love God or go to hell.
>I believe those who pass, stay in our hearts and I believe they get to be
>around us. Check in on us.
>I believe that everyone of us who search, were called to be. Someone
>along our line reached out and touched our heart, gently taps us to keep the
>line open, so we remember who they were, attach them to the living. I call it
>"Being the keeper of the bones. The keepers of the blood. We give them
>life through our connections. That's our job. Find them and give them life
>through us.
>We need to have that bit of extra sense. Someone is guiding us, causing us
>to spend fortunes in time, money, glasses, in the never ending quest of
>our ancestors. And when we find someone we want to cloth them with more than
>a name. Who were they, what were they like, did they love, did they laugh.
>There isn't one of us who hasn't pictured an ancestors face, just from the
>glimpse of a name on a piece of paper.
>I've always had a bit of let's say, intuitiveness. Could dream of
>something and have it experienced in real life. Saved the life of a friend one
>time by telling them to not get in a certain car, only to find out he turned
>down the ride, only to hear the ride got in a serious accident later. Small
>things but you know in your gut that you knew. My grandfather had it.
>Could dream of people and meet them on the street.
>My Mother knew she would marry my father. First time she saw him across
>the street she turned to her friend and said, "I'm going to marry that guy.
>She did.
>There are those who study these things and it seems women have it a bit
>more,. Woman's intuition" they call it. I've always believed in the brain
>having a lot more capability then we give it credit. Children have it.
>Until their brains become cluttered with grown-up junk and they lose the
>simplicity of it.
>Like our ancestors the whole of the community revolved around the church
>and it's teaching. No matter what religion you were, life centered around
>the church. In the melting pot of our nation when the masses came to our
>shores, peoples names were written as they were understood. With the many
>nationalities and dialects, almost everyone searching roots has a story to tell
>about name changes.
>Giorgio becomes George
>Feisst becomes Feist or Veist
>Johann becomes John etc. We all have experienced the frustrating name
>Rule number 1. NEVER assume your name spelling is the only one! Or
>discount a name because it doesn't make sense. My Italian ancestor.was born
>Vita Nina but she is known as Eva. Got me, but after searching high and low
>for Vita or Nina I stumbled across Eva and BAM she's mine.
>Back to my story. My German descendant I found was August. had some birth
>records and death giving the name August Feist and Carolina Engelman.
>About now, your thinking I'm rambling and "get to the point." Maybe I am,
>but it does come together.
>About 4 months ago, feeling the slam in the gut of my Mom's passing, I
>decided to test the waters of my religious upbringing. I was having a hard
>time with the realization that my Mom was truly gone. Every once in a while
>I will smell her. A song will play and I feel it's her way of letting me
>know she is around. Feathers. People believe that feathers have a
>significant relation to those who pass. Not angel wings, but those who vist, leave a
>feather to let you know they have been near. I have a small jewelry box
>of them, and they are not from my bed pillow.
>I haven't dreamed of her yet. Maybe because dreams are our subconscious
>and she is always in my consciousness. So, I tested my religious waters and
>asked for a sign that it truly was my Mom visiting me. The Catholic part
>of me was waiting for the lightning bolt to strike, having questioned God,
>but the heart side of me needed something. Feeling lost from her.
>If it truly is my Mom and she hears me and she visits I was asking for
>proof so to say. I asked for a definite sign. Honestly, in my heart I knew
>it was, but you always read stories where people ask for a sign and it
>happens so, I asked. I needed to think of something that would leave NO doubt
>that it was an answer to my question. No margin of doubt. So being totally
>stuck for 10 years on my FEIST line, with no where to go, I asked that I
>find something on the line, that is a definite break about the line, not a
>maybe, could be, want it to be but it doesn't feel right. A no hold barred
>Two weeks go by and nothing. I figure, the lightning hasn't struck, I'm
>still here, so maybe God forgives me for doubting him so it's time to move
>on. By now, I've started school again and I'm concentrating on my class of 2
>and three year olds. I come home from work and there's an email with the
>subject line FEIST.
>"Dear Nancy,
>While trolling the web for info on my ancestors, I came across your
>genealogical web page. I believe, your ancestor, Edward Feist is also my
>ancestor. My mother comes from the same town in Germany, Rust, that Edward's
>father and mother came from. I have the Ortsippenbuch, which is a 700 page
>register of everyone who lived in that town from the 1760s. I can fill in
>quite a bit of info for you from the German side
>of the tree. I have visited my family there many times, and I speak
>He gives me a phone number and I call him. Who I knew as August FEIST and
>Carolina is really Arbogast FEIBT and Karolina Englemann. Our
>ggggrandfather. He is my cousin and he has the FEIST history back to 1760s. He has
>been to the town and visited with our ancestors who still reside in the town!!
> he has confirmed my bits and pieces of ancestors. I had heard a mayor of
>a town. Turns out the real Arbogast was the offical scibe with the
>mayor's office. I heard there were 10 children, there were 7, BUT it was a
>second marriage, the first marriage produced 10 children. I heard a tailor, he
>was a weaver.I heard there was a brewery or a bewmeister, on Karolina's
>side, her father is a zum adler or a bar owner! and her name ENGELMANN means
>"angel man"
>This is no coincidence. This is the real deal. The answer to my sign.
>Thank you God, Thank you Mom!
>Soo, never doubt! Never be closed to interpertation of family myths, never
>be closed to various spellings or nicknames!
>Never give up and NEVER, EVER brush off you instinct for nonsense.
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