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Subject: Re: [BKLYN] REYNOLDS b:1837 England
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2011 22:21:35 -0500

"Hello , I am new to the list and am hoping I can get some suggestions on
finding my vary high brick wall - John Reynolds."

Since you mention you are new to the list I am going to point out a few
resources I've gotten from the list in the past that may help.

The first is https://Italiangen.org This is a website that has indexes
online for a number of record sets pertaining to NYC. If you find what
seems to be your record you can order it from the LDS or directly from NYC.
You may find a marriage here, or you may find children who died young that
you never knew of, among other things.

Another is https://Stevemorse.org This is a website through which you can
search information on other websites, including Italiangen and Ancestry.
These search engines are marvelous and well worth using.

A third is https://Fultonhistory.org This is a free website with literally
millions of pages of newspapers from NYS. If you read the FAQ it will tell
you how to search particular titles for particular dates, or you can just
put what you want in the search box and see what you get. For some reason,
addresses do very well at this site. I have gotten things for my relatives
by putting in their addresses that did not come up when I put in names that
were in the article. I have no idea why. So if you have that address, you
might as well try. While not as much went into the papers about people in
the big cities as went in about the small towns (Where you can read
extensively of who went to visit who and what the decorations were at Mrs.
Whatsit's card party) things still do pop up. I've gotten info on my
mother's Irish relatives from obituaries and short articles.

As I type these websites they do not seem to be coming up as links - I have
no idea why. If you put the names of the sites in a search engine I am
sure you will get accurate links to take you to them if I have somehow done
something technically wrong.

Best of luck!



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