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Subject: Re: [BKLYN] Frank Murphy and Dorothy Dwyer
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 12:21:24 -0500
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I find it interesting that in the 1930 census, the question "age at first
marriage" was left blank. It could mean that Frank and Dorothy were not
officially married despite the earlier question of marital status. And that
could explain why you have not found a marriage certificate. I noticed in
Dorothy's SSDI record, she did not register for Social Security until she
was 67 years old. Why? Is that a clue?

Because the census ask for facts as of April 1, 1930, birthdays are
calculated from there. If the child was 1/12, he was born in March. And
since the 0 is questionable for son Frank, his age could be 10/12 making
him born on June 1929 or 1/12 for March, 1930. I looked at several examples
by this enumerator and he is confusing. In the SSDI, I found a Frank Murphy
born on March 8, 1930 who died March 1980 in Deer Park, Suffolk county, NY.
His own death certificate or descendants could provide answers.

And the 1940 census should be available publicly April 1, 2012. Hopefully,
more info.

Good luck,
Bill Pfeifer

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>I have been searching for info on Dorothy Dwyer b. April 9, 1906 in
>Brooklyn, NY. She is the daughter of James Dwyer and dorothea Easterby. I
>found another researcher on Ancestry.com who has a dorothy dwyer with the
>same birthdate married to a Frank Murphy...this person on Ancestry hasnt
>answered any of the messages I sent her. I found a Frank Murphy with a wife
>Dorothy on the 1930 census and Im pretty sure its my dorothy..her mother
>was born in Denmark. The 1930 Census has them having a child named Frank.
>It looks like his age is either 10 months or 1 month. The ancestry
>researcher has a child for them named Patrick. I have been on the IGG
>website looking for a marriage cert and ordered 2 that I thought might be
>my Frank but they were the wrong marriage certs. Can anyone help me find a
>marriage cert number for Frank Murphy and Dorothy Dwyer. They were married
>between 1920 and 1930...Im guessing closer to 1930. SS death index has a
>Frank born
> September 2, 1904 and died Feb. 1981 which matches the info from the
> ancestry researcher. I found a SS death index for a dorothy Murphy born
> April 9, 1906 and died December 1988 in Jamaica, Queens, NY. ...ancestry
> researchers death date is December 23, 1986. Im sure this is my Dorothy
> but I want to find a marriage cert for absolute proof...does anyone know
> where else I can find a cert number? Thanks.
> Kim
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