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Subject: [BKLYN] FREE search old news at Fulton?
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 14:27:49 -0500 (EST)

Hello Jack Langton & Friends,

Would some kind reader please suggest a better way to utilize Fulton

You can make a grown woman blush and flutter her fan, Jack Langton. (Oh
Prissy, take down those velvet drapes.) LOL If ever I need a campaign or fan
club manager , you are definitely the man!

Old Fulton NY Postcards = http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html was kept in
my pocket for three years. Once released to the Roostweb community, it's
been like genie seekers gone wild.

Old Fulton is the crème de la crème for free newspaper searchings and has
more issues of the Brooklyn Eagle than the direct access site to the BE.

Using it? I just type in a name or address and click on "exact phrase,"
which is not efficient enough, as I open every "hit" within my time frame.

Who can give us some tips for using Fulton Post Cards?

Best O' Luck to all,
Metro NYC Researcher

In this season of giving, two major FREE and beneficial online sites need a
little something in their stockings this year.

l) Fulton Postcards (Imagine paying for those free Obits?)
This is essentially a one-man show by Tom TRYNISKI.

2) Wikipedia.com, FREE multiple language encyclopedia with researcher
submitted articles. Fess up. How many trips to the library did this save you?

Reply: Hi Barb, And a very good batting order it is, too. Regarding
Fulton Postcards, it's a great site all right, but somehow I think I'm
getting it's full potential, though I've read all the ground rules. If I
might ask, do you find one search method better than another, or one New
newspaper better than the others for certain searches? Hope I'm making
sense here.

Jack Langton
IRISH Homelands

> writes:
> Katie made a great point. As for me, this is the order I follow:
> l) Emigrant Savings Bank via Ancestry
> 2) Obituaries----http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html (includes Bkln
> Eagle],
> Historical NYT
> Genealogy Bank ($)
> Legacy.com (since 1977)
> 3) Burials/Headstones...findagrave.com (international)

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