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Subject: MORRIS Bible Records
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 06:37:48 -0400

MORRIS Bible Records
A new message, "David Hamilton Morris Sr.," was posted by Cathy DiPietro
on Sun, 10 Oct 1999

Surname: Morris, Sailor, McPherson, Donaldson, Leas, Stanley, Sullivan,
McKinney, Reyburn, McPherson, White, Mackey, Bullen

NAME: Cathy DiPietro
DATE: Oct 10 1999
URL: http://
QRYTEXT: The Boble of David Hamilton Morris, Sr. as published in
National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Dec. 1965 Vol 53, No. 4 page 301 -
bible printed 1828 by Azor Hott. Publ N. Bangs & J. Emory for Meth. Epis.
Ch. N.Y.C.

Family Record
David Hamilton Morris born Morris County, New Jersey July 11, 1769 [was
the son of David Morris b. 1736 Newport, R.I. who married about 1759
Phila., PA to Hannah ____. She was possibly a Hamilton. It is claimed that
David's father was Richard, son of Thomas of Essexshire, England.]
Eve Ann Sailor (his wife) [daughter of Jacob Sailor who was born 4-8-1744
in Germany, d. 11-28-1838 Ohio.] born Nov. 15, 1786 in Virginia. They
were married 1803 (presumably in Montgomery Co., Ohio.)


Ezra Elston Aug 29, 1804 Ohio
David Hamilton Jr. June 4, 1807 Ohio
William Washington Oct 8, 1809 Ohio
Rachel Amanda Nov 6, 1811 Ohio
Polly Sayre Nov 23, 1813 Ohio
John Wesley Dec 9, 1816 Ohio
Betsey Hannah July 10, 1820 Ohio
James Fletcher March 12, 1823 Ohio
Priscella Fairchild Aug 20, 1825 Ohio
Joseph Henry Perine Jan 19, 1828 Ohio
Martha Jane March 19, 1830 Ohio

Eve Ann (Sailor) Morris Nov 9, 1838 age 52 Ohio
David Hamilton Morris Sr. April 3, 1843 age 74 Ohio
Ezra Elston Morris June 12, 1836 age 53 Ohio
David Hamilton Morris Jr. July 31, 1864 age 57 Ohio
Wililam Washington Morris Oct 25, 1883 age 80 Ohio
Rachel Amanda (McPherson) Nov 25, 1866 age 55 Ohio
Polly Sayre (Donaldson) Aug 16, 1859 ahe 47 Mo.
John Wesley Morris Dec 14, 1882 age 66 Calif.
Betsey Hannah (Leas) Dec 5, 1894 age 74 Ohio
James Fletcher Morris March 3, 1906 age 83 Calif.
Priscilla Fairchild (Staley) (no record)
Joseph Henry Perine Morris Oct 23, 1896 age 68 Calif.
Martha Jane (Sullivan) July 22, 1896 age 66 Calif.

Ezra Elston Morris to Elizabeth McKinney 1-19-1826 Miami Co, Ohio
David Hamilton Morris Jr. to Elizabeth Reyburn 6-2-1829 Clak Co, Ohio
Rachel Amanda Morris to Richard McPherson 8-15-1834 Miami Co, Ohio
Polly Sayre Morris ro Isaac P. Donaldson 10-1-1837 Miami Co, Ohio
John Wesley Morris to Mary Ann White 8-25-1861 California
Elizabeth Hannah Morris to Francis M. Leas 5-5-1846 Miami Co, Ohio
James Fletcher Morris to Ruth C. Mackey 4-23-1846 Miami Co, Ohio
Priscilla Fairchild Morris to David R. Staley 3-20-1844 Miami Co, Ohio
Joseph Henry Perine Morris to Maria Bullen 7-12-1860 California
Martha Jane Morris to Francsi H. Sullivan 1-14-1849 Miami Co, Ohio

(Please note: I have no personal connection to this family and no
additional information about them. Just hopefully trying to help someone on
their genealogical quest ).

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