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Subject: BIO: ERNSTHAUSEN, 1896, Ottawa County
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 17:39:57 EDT

Beers & Co.: Chicago, 196, pages 624-625.

WILLIAM ERNSTHAUSEN is the owner of one of the fine farms of Ottawa
County - a tract of land 100 acres on which stands a comfortable and
commodious brick residence, and substantial barns and outbuildings for the
care and shelter of stock and grain. Well-kept fences divide the land into
fields of convient size, and the place is under a high state of cultivation
and improved with all modern accessories. The owner of this durable farm is
recognized as one of the most successful agriculturists of the community, and
is well deserving mention i this volume.
He was born in Genoa, Ohio, December 31, 1862, and is the son of Casper
and Dorotha (GERWIN) ERNSTHAUSEN. The father was born in Germany, June 15,
1826, and was the son of Henry ERNSTHAUSEN, who was born in the same land in
1790, and was by trade a carpenter. The great-grandfather, Fred HUNTER, was
born in 1779, and his wife Sophia, was born in 1786. He served in the German
army from 1803 until 1812, and was instrumental in saving the life of Prince
Bismark, the father of Germany's late chancellor, and in recognition of this
service was presented with a tea-set by the Prince. The ancestry of the
GERWIN family can be traced back in the following manner: The grandfather of
our subject, Lewis GERWIN, was born in Germany, August 15, 1798, and was a
wagonmaker by trade. In 1826 he married Sophia HUNTER (who was born in
Hanover, Germany, March 11, 1803), and to them were born seven children, of
whom five are living, all residents of America. His father, Henry GERWIN,
was born in Germany, in 1762, and wedded Clara BRIGHTHOLDT, who was born in
1767. The mother of our subject was born in Germany, November 12, 1827, and
there resided until she was nineteen years of age; when in 1847, she crossed
the Atlantic to the New World, and after two years spent in New York became a
resident of Toledo, Ohio, where her marriage with Casper ERNSTHAUSEN was
We now take up the personal history of teir son William, in whom the
citizens of Ottawa county are deeply interested. When he was a year old his
parents removed to Ohio, where they lived five years, when they came to the
farm which is now his residence. His youth, therefore, was largely passed
within its boundaries, and he early became familiar with all the duties that
fall to the lot of agricultuist. To his father he continued to give the
benefit of his services until twenty years of age, when he started out in
life for himself. He is now the owner of one hundred acres of the old home
place, and is surrounded by all the comforts and conviences that go to make
life worth living. In addition to his own farm he controls and operates
sixty acres of land belonging to his sister-in-law. He employs two hands
upon the place to aid him in cultivation of the various crops adapted to this
climate, and his average yearly yield of grain is one thousand bushels of
wheat, one thousand six hundred bushels of corn, and seven hundred bushels of
oats. He also deals quite extensively in stock, making a specialty of
raising horses and hogs. The excellence of his farm, its highly- cultivated
appearance and the modern accessories, all together make it one of the most
valuable places in the county, and give the owner rank amongst the most
promnent agriculturists.
An important event in the life of Mr. ERNSTHAUSEN occurred on December 8,
1886, when was celebrated his marriage with Miss Carrie E. OTTO, daughter of
Ludwig and Margaretta (SCHAFER) OTTO. Her father lost his parents during his
early life, so we have no account of his family. He was reared in Germany,
became a shoemaker by trade, served one year and six months in the war of the
Rebellion. He was married January 16, 1856, to Miss OTTO, whose father was
born in Germany in 1803, and whose mother Margaret KORB, was born i the same
year. They have had five children, three of whom are now living.
Great-grandfather SCHAFER was born in Germany in 1770, and his wife was born
about the same time. Mrs. OTTO was born in Prussia April 12, 1832; at the
age of nineteen years came to America, locating in Clyde, Ohio, which was her
place of abode for twelve years. Mr. OTTO died in 1864, leaving three
children - Mary Jennie, born August 14, 1859; Matilda, born July 26, 1861;
and Claire E., born February 2, 1864. The last named is now the wife of our
subject. Her birth occurred in Elmore, and she acquired her literary
education in its public schools, and also received superior instruction in
instrumental music. She is a lady of culture and refinement, presiding with
grace over her home, which is noted for its hospitality. Four children bless
this union: John F., born January 15, 1888; Bertha E., born August 8, 1889;
Clarwnce W., born October 11, 1891; and Mabel M., born july 21, 1894.
In political views Mr. ERNSTHAUSEN is a Republican, taking an active
interest in the growth and success of his party, and doing all in his power
to advance its interests. For some time he has been president of the school
board of his district, and the cause of education and all other interests
calculated to promote the general welfare find him a warm friend.

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