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From: "Linda D" <>
Subject: Pioneer Marriages in Allen County 1851
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 07:16:24 -0400

Taken from Lima Democratic News

Jan 1851

By Philip Herring JP, David BAXTER to Elizabeth SHOCK

By Anson Hadsell JP, Solomon WOLLET to Sarah RIDENOUR

By Rev. Uriah Steiner, John NEUENSCHVANDER to Barbara BIXEL

By Rev. A. Doner, Samuel HOOK to Isabella RIDENOUR

By L.Ensminger, Emmanuel SLECHTER to Eleanor BODEL

By George Ward JP, Christian LEHMAN to Susannah LEHMAN

By S.W.Washburn, William DOWLING to Elizabeth BOWER

By William Moorman JP, James DOUGLASS to Margaret MAXWELL

By R.M.Badeau, Harvey MORRIS to Susannah BOWERS

By Samuel Wilson, Francis STEVENSON to Maria DONNELL

By William Wilson, Charles DAVIS to Elizabeth SHANK

Feb 1851

By Daniel Phillips, Levi SHOCK to Mary CARR
By same, John STEMEN to Mary J. MEYERS

By J.B.Roberts JP, William VERMILLION to Louzia STEVENSON

By Timothy CHASE, Isaac McHENRY to Eleanor CHARLTON

By Jesse Bowdle, Howell SMITH to Mary YAZELL

By S.K.Reed, Josiah COCHRAN to Martha CUPP

By D.P.Darling JP, James FLEMMING to Mary McCLEARY

By Benjamin Byerly, George RIGGLE to Phebe MILLER

By Rev. A. Doner, George HUFFER to Kizziah NEIHISER

Mar 1851

By Rev. Uriah Steiner, Isaac STEINER to Nancy THUT

By (Blank) Andrew BAILEY to Hannah STEVENSON

By Ralph Wilcox, William RANKINS to Wealthy OSMAN

By Daniel Boyer JP, Matthew BARBER to Nancy GALLASPIE

By James Coughernour JP, Benjamin TREMAINE to Mary OMAN

By Timothy Chase, John FATT to Ellen BEDER
By same, Rufus RUSSELL to Jane CHARLTON

By Rev. A. Doner, Jacob MILLER to Barbara ROEDER

By James Bresler JP, Elias BRYAN to Mary WHERT

By Benjamin Byerly, Abram MILLER to Anna WEAVER

By William Moorman JP, Jacob DEHART to Mariah GREATREAKS

By J.B.Roberts JP, Albert McFADDEN to Rebeca OAKS

By George Ward JP, Rufus WHITE to Nancy DOLPH

By R.M.Badeau, Robert HUSTON to Isabella SCANTLING

By Edward Williams, John DUNAN to Alzina HULL

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Linda Dietz
Oct 14,1999

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