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History of Ohio
The American Historical Society, Inc., 1925
Volume III, page 337

CHARLES WILLARD SEIBERLING. This name has been identified with the
industrial activities for which the Seiberling family have been famous at
Akron for a period of forty years. His father, the late John F. Seiberling,
began manufacturing farm machinery about the time Lincoln was elected and
the Civil war started, and Charles W. Seiberling became foreman in his
father's factory in 1880.
Concerning his father, one of the notable figures in Ohio industry, more
is said on other pages of this publication. Charles Willard Seiberling was
born at the old home of the family in Summit County, January 6, 1861. Four
years later his parents established a home in Akron, where he grew up,
attending the public schools, and for two years was a student in Oberlin
College. Following this came his experience as foreman in his father's
factory, and in 1884 he was made one of the directors of the J.F.
Seiberling company. For several years he acted as superintendent of this
company, and in 1896 joined his father in the organization of the India
Rubber Company, which he served as secretary two years.
For over a quarter of a century he has been one of the prominent figures
in the development of Akron as "the Rubber City." In 1898 he became
secretary of the newly organized Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, of which
he was made treasurer in October, 1906, and vice president in February,
1909. In 1922 he resigned as vice president and manager of purchases for
the Goodyear Company, to become vice president and manager of purchases for
the Seiberling Rubber Company.
His great business ability and his eminent spirit of helpfulness to all
worthy causes have brought him numerous honors and responsibilities in his
home city. He is a director of the Akron National City Bank, the Citizens
Building and Loan Company, the Macendonia Northfield Banking Company; was
president in 1917, and is a member of the Akron University Club; was
president in 1918 of the Akron Chamber of Commerce; is a member of the
Portage Country Club, Rotary Club, City Club, Fairlawn Golf Club, Mayfield
Country Club of Cleveland, Untied States Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Society
of New York, and is a director of the Barberton Chamber of Commerce.
Probably his chief hobby is improvement of the public health service. He is
trustee and treasurer of the Springfield Sanatorium, is a trustee of Akron
City Hospital, Akron Children's Hospital, Akron Young Women's Christian
Association, Better Akron Federation, Barberton Citizens Hospital, the boy
Scouts and Girl Scouts of Akron.
His home is "Old Acres," Northfield. Mr. Seiberling married, November 18,
1895, Miss Blanche C. Carnahan, daughter of the late Theophilus Carnahan,
who was a merchant at Findlay, Ohio. Mrs. Seiberling in 1908 organized at
Akron the Woman's Home School League, and has been the guiding spirit in
making that a force for education in many states, with a total membership
now of more than eight thousand. Mr. and Mrs. Seiberling have four
children: Charles Willard Jr., Theophilus Karnaghan, Lucius Miles and
Catherine M. Theophilus is now connected with the sales department of the
Seiberling Company. Charles W. Jr., is in the rubber brokerage business at
Akron, member of White, Seiberling & Company. During the World war he was
sergeant in the Three Hundred and Thirty-second Infantry, one of the two
American regiments sent to the Italian war front. He married Miss Cecil
Valarge, of London, England.

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