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Subject: Diary - CLARK in Monroe county
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 11:10:12 -0500

I recieved some information the other day for the Monroe county Ohio
Biographies Project and thought that others might be interested in it


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Leona Halley Henderson

Fri, 15 Oct 1999
For Christmas of 1899, Jacob Peetrey CLARK of
London, Madison Co, Ohio, was given "The Standard
Diary" for 1900 by one of his grandmothers. She
wrote "Peetrey Clark from Grandma Xmas 1899" then
I think Peetrey wrote , "1. I advise you to get a
Standard Diary; 2. No body could get along with
out one; 3. Do not steal for fear of shame." The
reason I feel sure the advise was written by
Master Peetrey himself is because of the
comparison of the writings in the daily entries.
He also notes, "My age is 12 years." Later in the
diary, on Wed Dec 5th 1900 he wrote, "Very
disagreeable day, but it is my birthday. Had John
& Margaret & Sam ROBISON up to a turkey dinner.
Got very nice presents." So, he must have been
born in 1887.

The page, "For Identification" shows:
My Name is Jacob Peetrey Clark
My Address is London, Madison County, Ohio
In case of accident or serious accident notify
Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Clark, London, Ohio.

He was very steadfast in making the daily entries,
and while It PROBABLY would receive no literary
medal, I admire him for his perseverance. The
diary was found in a house that was being
refurbished in 1999 and the man, Charlie, who was
doing the work was told to take what ever he
wanted and throw the rest out. He knew I was into
genealogy and thought I would find the diaries [
he brought me the 1900 and also a 1905, both by
Peetrey,] of interest. I, in turn, thought it
might be of interest to other genealogist who may
be looking for anything on the CLARKs.

The diary has a blank for the temperature and the
weather, and young Peetrey showed the temperature
on most of the entries and also a comment on the
type of weather. Rather than give the day by day
entries, will give just the highlights that
mention people or places.

He ice-skated, played hockey, fished, made bows
and arrows, made a bob sled, did well in school,
made a pitchfork out of a jumping pole, stamp
collector, sings in church quire and sometimes
solo, read many books, looks like at times, nearly
one a day; he was subject to cramps in the night,
had frequent headaches and finicky stomach, had
several colds. Had a neighbor named Ralph JONES;
Had a brother called Giddie, short for Gideon I
would assume; a cousin named Effie and an Aunt
Georgia, an Aunt Millie, made peppermint fudge as
well as taffy; family had a horse named Prince, a
carriage, chickens and ducks, a dog named Punch
or Pinch [?], a hired hand, mentions a Miss Ella
LILLY , a Miss PULLEN, Marjorie STRAIN, a Billie
well man, Marie and Elizabeth WITILSY from
Boston, Corwin BLUE, Uncle Lyn STAMPS, Mac Laren

11 Jan Thursday "Rainy Dark. Giddie is sick and
had to stay home with the mumps. 80 in

11 Feb. 1900 Sunday "40 degrees, very mild. Cousin
Harford said he would come over and round the
runners of our bobsled the next day. It is Albert
RANKIN's birthday.

8 Mar 1900 Thursday "48 degrees, very mild. Giddie
has the mumps It was not the mumps he had the last

19 Mar 1900 Monday "Very dark and rainy. Giddie
went to school. Mr. Kilby Farrar was out to see
him, Says he has pneumonia but he will get well. "

16 Apr 1900 Monday he noted that a Floyd CLOUD
started school.

27 Apr 1900 Friday "Harry CRISTOPHER (sic) gave me
some stamps, Beginning to feel sick."

4 May 1900 Friday "Grandma's birthday. Had our
little opperetta went off all right. Very nice
day. Sang solo in our opperetta. they say I did
first rate."

7 May 1900 Monday "Nice day. 20 pupils absent in
school. Giddie is sick today and can't go to
school. Need rain badly."

9 Jun 1900 Saturday "Nice day. John WELSH and John
SNYDER came up. Giddie went up to John FARRAR's."
[one of the FARRAR's was named Margaret.]

11 Jun 1900 Monday "Very pleasant. Went fishing
with John W. ROSS S. caught four. Albert RANKIN
was baptized in the afternoon. We begin to read

25 Jun 1900 Monday "Pleasant day. Don't feel very
good. Battle JENKINS found a turtle and gave it
to us."

18 Jul. 1900 Wednesday "Rainy Day. Mama's
birthday. Mama had a party in the evening. Had a
fine one."

19 Jul. 1900 Thursday "Very rainy day. Giddie
caught cold in his eye. Chopped my finger with the
hatchet to the bone."

17 Sep 1900 Monday "...Galveston Texas has been
swept off the face of the earth by a terrible
volcanic storm and tidal wave..."

22 Sep 1900 Saturday " Very nice day. Today is
Giddie's birthday. We each got a pair of cuff
buttons and some candy. Giddie got s subscription
to St. Nicholas. We took our gun down to get it

25 Sep 1900 Tues. "..another bad storm.."

17 Oct. 1900 Wednesday "Pleasant day. In the
evening Mama and Papa went to the marriage of Miss
Kate SQUIRES and Mr. STONE. Their presents were
very pretty."

1 Nov. 1900 Thursday "Homer C. Chenoweth invited
me to a taffy pull for tomorrow."

21 Nov. 1900 Wednesday "Mild day. Frank Speasmaker
shot himself."

24 Nov. 1900 Saturday "Very bad day. Albert Rankin
has Scarlet Fever."

27 Nov. 1900 Tuesday "Pleasant day. Grandma CLARK
died this noon and Papa has gone to Philadelphia."

28 Nov. 1900 Wednesday "Pleasant day. Very dull
home. Giddie John and I made a fort."

29 Nov. 1900 Thursday "Dreary day out. Had a
pleasant Thanksgiving for all our loneliness."

AT The end of the daily entries is an address area

Charles B. STERN, 1801 Ontario Street,
Philadelphia Pa.
Mr. Jefferson CLARK, North 20th Street #3343,
Philadelphia Pa.
Mr. Lincoln CLARK, 1321 Third St., San Diego, Cal.

W.W. MacLAREN, 52 Hough Place, Cleveland, Ohio
Mr. Harry CLARK, 7th & Commerce, Philadelphia,

Like I noted before, there are entries for each
day of the year, but these are the highlights.
I know nothing else about any of these folks, but
thought it might give someone a lead knowing that
these people were in Madison Co Ohio in 1900.

I made the mistake of doing a spell check and some
of the original's spelling was corrected and I had
wanted to do it like it was. sorry. I managed not
correct a few.

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